Update on eLuxury returns to Boutique & Sirius 50

  1. I just got back from the Union Square LV (San Francisco) and my heart is breaking.....they have discontinued the Sirius 50 suitcase (softside larger cousin of the Sirius 45). I went into exchange my Keepall 55 (more to come later) for the Sirius 50 and I was informed that there are only two in North America -- both floor models evidently.

    I was a bit fluxed at the store and the SA asked if I wanted to purchase the floor model -- mind you it was scratched, the vanchetta had stains and it was missing the luggage tag. I guess it also irked me that she thought I would pay FULL price for a piece that looked worse for wear just because it was the only one they had in stock.

    So I left empty handed and almost in tears cause I have lost interest in the Keepall duffle and had my heart set on the Sirius 50 -- I inquired if they had the Sirius 55 and was told that it is too big for carry-on :crybaby: So my BF is returning the Keepall to eLuxury.com and I am giftless for my birthday.

    However, for those who are wondering, you CAN return eLuxury.com LV items to the boutique if you are going to exchange for something in equal or greater value. It is a bit of a process but it can be done but you have to specifically ask for it and it takes the store manager's approval.

    At this point, I am so sad that I don't know what to do -- this literally has taken the spring from my step. :sad: I just want to cry and go to bed.

    In-n-Out Burger here I come.........
  2. aww.....so sorry! You could always wait for one to pop on eBay. (I myself have to call my SA on Monday to see if there are any Satellite 53's left)
  3. OMG You get to eat in and out burger? i have ALWAYS wanted to try that. omg i am so pathetic! lol.

    i am so sorry to hear about the suitcase. did you call 866 vuitton? i wasnt sure stores could check every store, kwim?
  4. Awwwww.... I'm sorry about that... :sad:
  5. That is sad. I really don't like it when they discontinue items and not update their sites to reflect this. Hope you find something else to love. Your birthday is not giftless. I'm sure your bf will find something else from LV for you.
  6. That's too bad, it's hard when you have your heart set on something.
  7. Oh, I am sorry to hear that!:sad: I am also sorry to hear that I needlessly waited all this time for my new bag because I did not know about the exchange policy!!! Arrgh. Well, I get to go buy my new bag/s Monday or Tuesday when ELux credits my account, thank goodness.
  8. Dag nabbit. Sorry to hear of your disappointment.:sad:
  9. oh no!!!
    maybe your keepall will grow on you...?
    i really hope you eventually find the bag you are looking for!
    at least you get to have in n out. :drool:
  10. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that you can't have the bag you had your heart set on. Nobody wants to settle for second best. Hopefully something even better will come along soon (keep your eyes open). Try to enjoy your birthday despite this mishap.
  11. can you please explain more by saying it's a bit of process?