Update on ebay thread, My DS flap is here!

  1. Hi guys, The Diamond Stitch Flap has arrived today it's beautiful. Just to recap, I bought this bag on eBay for $1199, thanks to Mon and Baobaobeibei for their authentification. The bag was ex display so it came without the authenticity card and the dustbag was also a little small for the bag. It came wrapped in Chanel tissue paper inside a Saks gift box. The leather is perfect but there are some small superficial scratches on the logo but I have read that with wear the logos on the DS's get scratched anyway. The inside is big enough to hold my LV wallet and sunnies plus phone and keys. There is one zip pocket inside with the CHANEL zipper and a little flap with the hologram sticker

    I did notice however that the leather running thorugh the straps has a little gap where it is stitched and a new leather lace has been started. Anyone else noticed this on theor chanel bags???? I've included a pic for reference.

    The leather on my DS is almost identical to my baby COCO CABAS which I purchased directly from Chanel. My modelling pics were crap but I've taken one of the bag on its own. Let me know what you think. Still a good deal??????

    PS I haven't seen these anywhere in the UK
    chanel 1.JPG chanel 2.JPG
  2. congrats! :yahoo:
  3. its a great deal for that bag! i own the exact same one, and i agree that the logo does get easily scratched, when i purchased mine from eBay, it arrived with some scratches as well.
    congrats on getting one for such a good price, it is one of my favourite chanels because it fits so many things and just looks sooo good :biggrin: enjoy your new bag, it is lovely!
  4. the gap you talked about is fairly normal and has been discussed previously ...try to do a search if you are interested....btw...congrats on an awesome purchase...its one of my dream bag to own...
  5. Cute bag! Congrats!
  6. Yes! A good deal!
  7. Don't worry about the things you just mentioned. I had the same issues you had but shrug them off eventually. Plus, under certain light my bag looks greyish rather than being black. I understand for this amount of money we all want it to be perfect. As long as they don't interfere with your using the bag, it is fine. The bag is durable and enjoy it! It is very good price for a current season bag. I love it more and more each day as I am using it more often.
  8. Congrats on such a great find, enjoy it!
  9. That is an awesome bag!

    I have it in white and the leather is so durable. Congrats!
  10. good deal!
  11. Hey congrats!! I have this bag as well..I didn't realize so many of us had it!!! Enjoy it!!! She is a beauty huh!!?
  12. Thanks guys for all your help. I love the bag and I'm glad I got it. It is ver comfortable to wear and holds just the right amount of stuff. Thanks again Emmy, Baobaobeibei and SammieKat et al for all your help and pics of DS's.
  13. Congratulations for your new baby!!!
    p.s. I studied in Canterbury Kent for 4 years and i love it!!! I am so envious of you!
  14. Beautiful! Enjoy it !
  15. Congrats on your great buy! It's a beauty.