Update on daughter stomach problems

  1. Thanks so much for all the wonderful advice and sweet posts.
    Last night my little one wasn't feeling well then this morning she had sever pain and we decided to just take her to the emergency room. Forget about waiting for a specialist...

    So we get blood work, x ray and urine tests and it comes back that she has a bladder infection. So I wonder "WHY" did the 4 urine tests in the doctors office come out with nothing these past few weeks.
    I am stopping the zantac for reflux and lactose for possible dairy allergies. SO here I think she suffered with this for 4-6 weeks with no answer. We got medication from the pharmacy and the doctor said she will start to feel better tomorrow.

    Thanks again for caring, I was really lost and felt like I had no answer or direction.

    Hugs to all.:heart:
  2. Glad to hear you finally got a diagnosis. Damn those idiots who did not run the urine looking for a bladder infection, that is quackery if you ask me.
  3. YAY, im glad that you finally found out what was really wrong! Congrats, Hope she feels better.:biggrin::heart:
  4. Glad there's a diagnosis and I really hope she feels better soon poor thing...keep us updated!
  5. I am so glad to hear you finally discovered what was wrong and that's it's nothing too serious. I hope she feels better soon. I also hope the nightmare phase ends so you can all get a good night's sleep!
  6. Glad they figured it out! I hope she feels better soon!
  7. Glad that your daughter is better, and you found out the root of her pain.
  8. Sorry you had to go through all of that. Good news that they finally figured out what it is.
  9. Glad she is feeling better!!!

    The meds could have masked some of the pain also... going on an anti-biotic will lower good body flora and can make women at risk for infections. Really glad you found what it is and she should be feeling better in no time!!! :flowers:
  10. Glad you know what she has! Time to switch md's?
  11. good to hear
  12. I'm so glad to hear that you finally got an answer to your daughter's problem. sorry that she had to suffer until then, but she should bounce right back. The Rescue Remedy will still help with anxiety and nightmares.

    much love, Pippi
  13. I'm glad to hear about the diagnosis. I hope your daughter feels better soon. Keep us updated!
  14. Oh I'm so sorry! I'm glad you got it diagnosed correctly. Hopefully your little one feels better quickly...
  15. I'm so glad your little girl will be feeling better!!!!