Update on cracked bearn!!!

  1. I just got a call from the H manager and she told me that most of the bearn in her store have the same cracks on it. I told her that my friend's(I mean you guys) bearns are all perfect even after years of use. She thinks that they might be having a problem with a batch of their bearns.

    She offered to find an other one for me and make sure that it's perfect before they ship it out. She said that if it's not perfect she'll refund my money.

    For those that are going to to buy a bearn, look out for cracks:s

    att is the pic of the cracks from the original post. there are actually a few cracks on it, including the strap that slides into the H but this the best pic I got.
    cracks 003.jpg
  2. That's wierd about the run of cracked pieces! I'm glad she's going to get you a perfect one. You deserve nothing less! :smile:

  3. Thanks GT.:p
  4. YAY! Problem solved! Glad that your SA's exchanging it for you.
  5. Glad everything's working out ! Are you getting a different color Bearn ? or same as original ?
  6. How unacceptable for them to have any in stock in this condition. I'm glad attention was brought to it. These puppies are too costly to not be perfect.
  7. Good for you! That is so bizarre that they would find this acceptable!!
  8. cxyvr - I must say, it seems odd that a manager of a luxury boutique would accept/display/sell items that are less that perfect! :hrmm: I am glad you are having this addresssed because, as others have said, you deserve perfection when you are purchasing an H item (and because, most of all, you are worth it!) Wishing you a speedy resolution on this issue, HNE
  9. My sentiments exactly :confused1:
  10. I'm glad you've found a solution :smile: !!!
    H shouldn't sell leather goodies with cracks !!!
    For this price range, I think we deserve PERFECTION !!!

    Please post pics when you'll have the new PERFECT one :smile:))!
  11. I am so glad that your SA was willing to take it back even tho so many others in her store were cracked too. Hold out for something perfect!
  12. cxyvr, I've had quite a few Bearns come my way and I can honestly tell you NONE had cracks on them. That includes one that had been worn (not too gently, I might add) for a few years. I'm surprised this entire batch actually passed inspection.
  13. Are they still selling/displaying the ones with cracks in the store? Hope they send them back to Paris with a post-it, saying, "What the??"
  14. "What the?!" is right! A bit unsettling if it's true that the store has many with cracks...Imagine if they sold bags like this? :wtf:
  15. In my opinion, SAs and managers are supposed to keep their inventory/products perfect to satisfy their customers, but they are humen as well like us, and they might make some mistakes(or not as careful?) while they are handling HUGE inventory everyday...

    I have experienced some imperfection as well...
    I thought it was strange at first that some bearn wallets have plastic films on 'H' metal closure, but some of them do NOT have plstic films on (which I don't really care...as long as it is from Hermes, I trust hermes that they are brand new). A couple of my Birkins did not come with the protective cloths for straps, one of my Birkin didn't come with rain coat (which I called Hermes and got it later)...etc.

    My brand new Kelly watch was directly from Hermes, but it was in display case, has very very faint/almost invisible scratch(?) on the back, which I assume from being shown to customers.

    Back to topic, cxyvr-I am so sorry what happened to you! Crack on your wallet does not look right. None of mine has it even after using them for a while. There is nothing to worry about, cxyvr. Hermes should exchange your wallet without any problem! Please keep us updated when you receive new one!