Update on Chloe Deals - 02.05.07

  1. The following is an updated list of what is available - as of 12.30 p.m. May 2 2007

    1. 7SS184-7S408 Gallet, Navy BD219 = $584
    2. 7SS191-7S498 Moka, Navy BD275 = $733

    1. 7SS262-7S461 Argent BD315 = $840
    2. 7SS262-7S461 Blanc BD273 = $728
    3. 7SS267-7S461 Camel BD335 = $893
    4. 7SS262-7S461 Orange BD285 = $760
    5. 7AS261-6A461 Noisette BD285 = $760
    6. 7SS282-7S430 Argent BD334 = $891
    7. 7SS282-7S461 Noir BD300 = $800

    BD178 = $475
    1. 7SS274-7S462 Orange

    1. 7SS451-7S416 Blanc BD300 = $800

    1. 7SS351-7S436 Moka, Navy, Orange BD293 = $781
  2. Thanks for posting this. I'm confused though - available where?
  3. OMG...why oh why did i have to see this?!!

    lescoy - you are so kind to post this for us!

  4. Thanks for the update. I haven't heard of this retailer. Are they legit? Do you have a contact number?
  5. It is a Chloe Boutique in Bahrain, and they are legit.

    I haven't got the phone number to hand.

    But the email address is Sacocheb@yahoo.com they are really helpful, but may take some time to get back to you.

    I will go and look for the phone number and post that in a few minutes.
  6. :smile:Hi - this is an authorised Chloe stockist. If you check www.chloe.com you will find them listed under the Middle East (Bahrain) - their contact details are there, i.e., phone and fax number - the email address was already posted by SollyTia. Hope it helps you all:yes:
  7. Many of us have ordered from there before and they are definitely legit!
  8. why, why, why did you have to post this......I love dealing with the ladies at Chole in Bahrain. So helpful they are.....

    off to email for my Bay
  9. :nuts:Good luck - hope you get it! :graucho:
  10. Hi Guys.... I already ordered the Patsy....but now I'm confused how to track the package. I have the tracking number...but don't know the website of the service. It's Barid Mumtaz EMS service but couldnt' find the tracking package page.anybody know?
  11. thanks so much for the info!