Update on Cerises Speedy rub-off

  1. I finally have an update on this post http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/cerises-speedy-rub-off-13780.html


    But not without a fight. They sent the cerises speedy to Quality Control to take a look at. Quality Control basically took a quick look at it and declared that it was normal wear and tear and that the care booklet says that over time, the cherries may fade. I was really upset at that response because I only used the bag a few times and the care booklet is very vague in determining what is normal fading over time. And the cherries weren't fading, they were literally peeling off! I could understand if the fading was occuring 2-3 years later, but paying $995 for a bag, you expect a quality bag that can last.

    My boyfriend is awesome at talking with people and explaining things, so I brought him to speak with the store manager. She was really nice and understood where I was coming from, but said that she had to stand by the company and Quality Control's decision. My boyfriend complained to her for a good 40 minutes, meanwhile we noticed that all the SA's were staring at us and the security guard even moved closer to us in case it got out of hand. I think the main selling point was that I also have the cerises compact zip wallet which I use everyday, and I showed her that there was no wear on it at all. And that wallet goes in and out of my bags on a daily basis, rubbing into zipper openings and things inside my bag. She decided to send it off to Quality Control again, this time detailing our arguments about the bag and marking off exactly where the cherries were peeling. I think she also realized that my boyfriend and I weren't going to leave unless she did something about my bag.

    About a week and a half later, we get a call saying that if I am willing to part with the bag (since its discontinued), I can exchange it for anything else in the store. :biggrin:

    Here is my advice from this experience:
    1. Speak directly with the Store Manager. We spoke with 2 different managers, the repair specialist, and the leather goods specialist. Only the Store Manager was able to do anything about my bag.
    2. Don't give up on complaining. Be polite, but do make your case clear and reiterate your points. Let them know that the quality is unacceptable for Louis Vuitton. It also helped to tell them how much you love the quality of their products and that you are a loyal customer.
    3. Send it back to Quality Control. If their Quality Control Department rejects your claim the first time, make them send it back until QC can explain exactly why your problem is happening. Sending it back will force them to take a closer look at the problem.
    4. Keep your receipts. Even though you may be in their computer system, they said that having the receipt helped to determine the amount of store credit to give.

    I hope none of you have to experience any problems with your bags and accessories, but I'm satisfied with my outcome. And I love my new Epi Passy!
  2. P.S. Thank you all for your advice and support!
  3. Ohhh Congrats everything worked out for you!!
  4. So glad to hear that your perseverence paid off - congrats on winning a bout with the mother ship! And congrats on your new bag!

    Thanks for the great advice!
  5. well that is great news! glad to hear the they will take the responsibility for their defects! and the epi passy is gorgeous!!
  6. Way to go girl! Never give up!!! sorry about the cherry loss, but glad you found something you love just as much.
  7. Yay for you! Too bad about the cerises speedy though! So gorgeous!
  8. I am glad to hear that you are happy with the outcome!!! Enjoy your new bag!!!:love:
  9. Congrats on your new bag! I am so glad you didn't take no for an answer and that you love your new bag! :biggrin:
  10. Good girl. :yes:
    Congrats on a new bag;)
  11. congratulations!
  12. Fabulous New Bag....I Am So Happy It Worked Out For You!
  13. Good for you! Enjoy your new bag :smile:.
  14. happy that everything works out well for u. :smile:
  15. Thaks for sharing your valuable lesson. Glad it worked out for you. Enjoy your new bag!