Update on B-bags at Milan Station, LKF, Hong Kong

  1. Sorry if this doesn't apply to 90% of the B-bag lovers...

    - 2003 Blue city in decent condition selling for HK$5340 (US$685) but the handles are blackened and there is wearing around the bag
    - 2004 White city in great condition (no black handles or anything) selling for HK$5340 (US$685)
    - 2005 Ice Blue twiggy in perfect condition selling for HK$6990 (US$ 896)
    - 2004 Rose weekender in great condition...sorry I don't remember the price on this baby.

    There were a few more there that seemed to be in good/perfect condition. If you are in HK or have NICE NICE friends in HK, you should ask them to check out the Milan Station at Lan Kwai Fong.
  2. Ohh.. I'd love the rose weekender. but too bad the only time I'm gonna be in HK is next summer :sad:
  3. :drool: too good to be true, and yet it's true...but too bad I'm on a pursebanned!:banned: