Update on aqua city.. or something else?

  1. Sorry, I have been in flu hell and unable to communicate. I am starting to come out of it. My DH had it at the same time too. Thank God for my ANgel of a son (8 years, going on 22) he totally took care of my little girls like a pro. We are going to a fantastic indoor water park w/ a bowling alley that has a luxury hotel(a total kids paradise) On Tuesday for spring break to thank them for surviving while Mommy and Daddy were barfing and had everything else coming out of them for several days.. ANYWAY>>

    Update... I'm sure I lost out on the aqua city from Daphne b/c I was too sick to call her w/ my info. My Kharma must be good b/c instead I am buying the most TDF rouge vif city from our dear friend fashion -cult!!! I am over the moon excited and this way her baby will be well taken care of and she will get a great, well deserved vacation! Sorry for the rambling.. ANyway fantastic news for my collection. Lots of love going out to Fashion-cult!

    Shasta :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. I'm glad you are feeling better. I'm sure it is SO hard to be sick when you have kids...at least you have a mature older child that can help you! CONGRATS on fashion-cult's FABULOUS City! You'll LOVE it!
  3. Hunny, are you medicated?
  4. Just advil... it's the flu talking, I am nuts. My son told me that yesterday I said "Honey you're the best, I'll buy you and ipod acces. that you want" I was serioously high on a fever... too bad Dh didn't say while he had a fever "Honey I'll buy you any bbag acces. you want" I'm just glad that I am in recovery mode, not the really gross disgusting barfing mode. Thanks girls, you made me smile.
  5. He he he..I'm glad you didn't take offence to me teasing you! I'm glad you feel better and trust me, I TOTALLY sympathize (but I'm still allowed to tease you, right;) ?)
  6. You will love that bag. I have it, too. It is such a great neutral. Most people don't think of it as a neutral, but it is.

    Sorry about your flu. I had it too a few weeks ago and wouldn't wish that on anyone. :sad:
  7. Shasta - I am so happy that you are feeling better.:yahoo: Now i know where you were hiding.:p I think Rouge VIF is going to look gorgeous on you.:yes: Congrats :yahoo: and please post pics soon.:heart:
  8. congrats on rouge vif i love that shade of red! and i'm glad that you are getting over your flu too.

    off topic but is aqua city sold out?

  9. I don't think that it is sold out yet, but the one Daphne had (maybe has) was a bright aqua, not a dull aqua with amazing leather. Call Balny if your interested in getting that one!

    thanks for all the love girls!