Update on 2007 Scribble!

  1. So I just got back from my outlet and got some info that I thought I'd pass along.

    The next floor set will include 2007 scribble at the outlets. It is being released again, since it was so popular last spring. I had them pull out a multifunction tote from the back to show me.

    The prices are not that great. The SA said that they aren't when it first hits the outlets.

    The same bag that I bought at the outlets last year for $170 + tax on clearance is now sold at the outlets for like $330!

    I am so glad I got my scribble multifunction tote last year! :yahoo:

    My SA did tell me to wait a bit, because the scribble will eventually go for a much lower price.

    I personally prefer the 2007 scribble, so just wanted to let you guys know to keep an eye on the outlets. They are already there in the back! Ask SAs about it! :yes:
  2. Thanks for the info! I'm on a search for a scribble bag from last year and haven't been having luck on eBay. Now I'll start calling some of the outlets near me. Any clue if I would be able to call JAX and get it through there(probably unlikely I know, but a girl can hope can't she?)?
  3. I had posted this a few weeks ago for the Scribble lovers. I believe the watercolor is next to come after the scribble.:yes:
  4. Yes my SA at the boutique told me that the Scribble and Watercolor were going to be at the outlets soon.
  5. yay, i love the scribble and watercolor!
  6. how long does it usually take for bags to hit outlets? I feel like it odd that the scribble is just now going...
  7. YAY I love Scribble!
  8. Thanks for the great info! Do you know when they will be putting out the new floorset socaltrojan?
  9. Hi,

    Did the scribble come in embroidered or only in printed? I thought I remembered seeing something embroidered in TJ Maxx, but when I asked the SA about an "embroidered scribble" she said that she *thought* they'd never made one. I remember liking it's brightness and it's "texture". I hope it wasn't a fake or something! I don't own anything scribble, so I'm not sure.
  10. I think scribble 2005 had some embroidering on it. Not the 2007, I have this one and it is just printed.
  11. Yes; that's true--some bags from the first scribble line were "scribble stitch" with embroidery. Very cute!
  12. We were told that the new stuff at the outlets will be next Friday.
  13. Does anyone have the drilldown pics?
  14. My outlets already have some scribble pieces in the back and were selling them to people who asked wanted them.

    My SA said everything will officially be out in the floor in the next 2 weeks, but until then that I am free to ask about any pieces and they will get them out from the back and sell them to me.

    So for those of you who want are stopping by the outlets before they are actually on the floor, you can always see if they have some in the back because mine already does.
  15. This is one of the bags they already had at my outlet. The large scribble tote.