Update on 07 leather..

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  1. I want to let anyone know that the 07 leather is tdf..I now have 4 pieces and not one is veiny nor thin..thick, matte and smooshy. So if you are hesitating because of all the talk about the 06 leather, don't fret!! It's gorgeous..I just received the Day in Cafe w/ regular hardware this morning and I can't stop smiling..it's absolutley stunning:yahoo: :yahoo: I will post pics later!!
  2. that's great news! btw, you scored 4 07's already?????? congrats, and pls show us pics!!!!
  3. Describe the cafe, please!
  4. 4 '07s!?!?

  5. two of the pieces are accessories (coin purse in fb and a money in cafe) okay, cafe is a deep dark brown w/ red undertones..you just have to see it, best way to describe it as someone else did "black coffe"..just gorgeous. I think someone else compared it to the 05 chocolate but I could be wrong. It's just tdf..NO veins at all and I have 3 pieces in that color. It is very dark almost black..
  6. Congratulations. Pics please!:yes:
  7. sagranch -
    ITA! The ones that I saw were all thick and smooshy also! Can't wait to see your Cafe - that color is TDF!!!
  8. I am dying to see pics of your cafe and accessories:yahoo:
  9. I'm still thinking of buying a bag in cafe. Can't wait to see your pics:smile:
  10. Sounds great! Pics pls!:yes:
  11. I saw the 07 Vert Gazon and instantly wanted one. The 07 leathers definately seem less veiny and thicker. Thanks for sharing!
  12. 4!!!!:nuts: pics please.:P
  13. sagranch, congrats on your new bags! a word of caution to others re 07 leather. it really does vary still! i have seen quite a few smooth pleather type bags this 07 season. if you dont pick one out yourself, make sure you ask about the leather. i have seen some with great real distressed leather and some that were just too smooth for my taste.
  14. this can't be good for my wallet!
  15. I have seen only those at Holt's and was sooo disappointed- now that I'm hearing some positive reviews, I'm getting my hopes up again:yahoo: