Update of older colors & LE bags at Barney's Chestnut Hill MA

  1. Hi

    :yahoo: I went to Barney's this morning!:yahoo: I got excited even though there was nothing that was on my wish list there but these may be on yours.

    Greige day/hobo, first and work
    Marroon~First and City
    Ink Box
    Caramel '06 (S/S) Twiggy

    Also, I know there have been questions about the brief. The brief with the reg. hardware does have tassels on all the zips. The price of the regular hardware brief is $1195. and the GH Brief is $1595.00

    They do have a black brief with reg. hardware.

    Also, Peter (my SA) said they are expecting in the new red~ (don't remember how to spell the name of the color).

    He also said they are getting in canvas bags with leather trimming. The handles will be leather and the trimming around the bag will be leather as well. The body of the bag will be canvas. This is the first I have heard of this. He didn't really know what colors but he did say he knew there was a blue coming. That's all he knew. Maybe these are LE bags.

    SO~ call PETER at 617-969-5354 if you are interested. He is a doll!

    (Oh~ and he asked if Helen is happy with her Ink twiggy!!! I told him, "She LOVESSSSSSSSS it!")
  2. Thanks for the update Zacorey!
  3. The Twiggy would be Cognac then??? hmmm...:graucho:
  4. ^^^YUP~ it's Cognac! I really liked it too! Please ask for Peter if you call! Tell him Lauren sent you!
  5. ummmmm Greige Day:graucho:
  6. ^^^Yes!!!!!!! Nanaz~ the greige had the BEST leather too!:love: YUMIE!
  7. Oh man ... ZAC; now you know I will have to check-it-out this weekend!!! I've been trying to be so good ... NOT spending any money ... NUTS!!

    BTW ... the "new Red" is Rouge Vermillon (French) or Vermilion (English). I'm not a fan ... it has too much orange in it.
  8. I stopped by yesterday and also saw an ink courier with very nice leather.
  9. I originally liked my Courier (I have it in Cornflower Blue), but I constantly felt like a Pig in the Forest looking for Truffles because I was forever rooting around inside of it looking for something (keys, Blackberry, etc.). Drove me nuts!!
  10. I agree with you CeeJay~ I love the rouge vif over the vermilion too! I personally don't care for orange undertones in red.

  11. :love: Peter is the BEST!!! hehehehe!!! YES - me LOVES the INK TWIGGY!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :love:
  12. YIPPEE! Barney is my neighbor! I'll have to pay him a visit... I have to tell you guys, I just purchased my first b-bag last week (rondayfaye's origan box), and I cannot stop obsessing! Can I get a pill to prevent this?? :shrugs:
  13. ^^^lol:roflmfao: There is sadly no pills available!!!!!!!!

  14. nope, you are doomed ... :p
  15. is there a support group for husband's at least? :confused1: lol!