Update of "I just had the worst customer service thread"

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  1. http://forum.purseblog.com/coach/help-a-first-time-coach-online-buyer-d-554107.html

    Continuing the above thread, I just had the WORST customer service experience! So my order did NOT go through at the website but it authorized my card (my card was showing that it did go through). Customer service was very rude saying that my billing address did not match what the credit card company had on file! I only have ONE address and I've been using the card at multiple sites for no problem. Obviously their website had a glitch yesterday but they wouldn't admit it and, when I asked them, "you're being very unprofessional, what is your compensation to me?" They said "we have no compensation for you!" I don't think I deserve to be treated like this! Sorry for the rant haha, just needed to vent!
  2. why do you need compensation? There was an error. You even said you received an error message. Something happened and they had to cancel your order. Just reorder it.
  3. I have to agree with this.
  4. - she said it went through on her card. I would be sooo angry if I was treated like this when I paid for something that didn't process.
  5. Processing errors are part of life...what exactly do you feel entitled too here??

    Also I wouldn't chalk this up to horrible or awful CS...they managed to solve your problem and nothing was
  6. Cancel the payment with your credit card company, call Coach back and inform them as to why, check to see if it's been shipped yet or not. Verify the address that Coach has on file.
  7. OP, I'd also make sure that you give the same info for your billing that you gave the company who holds your card.

    I've had issues before over using APARTMENT 000 instead of Unit 000 or #000 all end up giving me problems sometimes... or using short forms of an address instead of the full written out information.
  8. Agree with the other posters. Granted, I WOULD be upset if my card went through, but at the same time, system glitches happen, and it doesn't necessarily mean CS did anything wrong. If the order truly didn't go through, the transaction will be cancelled and your card refunded. Good luck with this! It will all work out, just might take a few days.
  9. Not to sound flip, but there are truly a lot worse Coach customer service stories floating around here!

    The above-mentioned advice is good.
  10. I had this happen with WW. It charged my card twice but yet WW said it did not go through. All because they had my billing address as the banks. Call your bank and reorder.
  11. so wait,

    they drafted the money from your card, but the order did not go through? i'm kinda confused...if not money was taken from you I don't think it's a big deal

    if the money was taken but the order did not process, then you have a bit of a problem...

    what exactly happened?
  12. awww
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    Hi guys, so sorry I guess I wasn't clear this is what happened in exact chronology. To answer all the questions above:

    1. Submit order with a credit card. Billing address I provided was correct because it is a house address and I only have that address. Got error message saying to resubmit the order. So i resubmit the order. It didn't go through again and said to resubmit but I didn't.
    2. So, I checked my card to see if there was a problem and there isn't any problem. In fact, Coach had charged me 3 times! What's worst is that I had stupidly decided to use my checking card (which I don't put a lot of money in, just in case my card gets stolen and fraud). So, because Coach had charged me 3 times, I was charged an OVERDRAFT FEE which never happened EVER in my life.
    3. Call customer service, who was rude and said "you're calling at 2 AM, how do you expect us to resolve this, call back again tomorrow."
    4. I called again this morning and was put on hold for a very long time as the CS call my bank and she said that it will take some time for the cancellation to process AND that the overdraft fee will not be reimbursed and that I will have to deal with the bank myself because she claims that it is MY fault that the order went through 3 times and that no compensation will be provided. She said that the error was not in their system but she said that I had put in the wrong information, which I'm sure I didn't. Not EVEN an apology for any inconvenience!

    So what was lost? Overdraft fee and a lot of money that's going to just be hanging up in the air for some time (because Coach charged me 3 times so it adds up to quite a bit of money)

    If the website gives an error message, then it SHOULDN'T have charged my card right? At least, that's what happens when I order through other sites! Even the CS Rep said that all the orders actually went through. If the problem was really on my end, then it shouldn't have gone through right?
  14. Call your bank. I used to work in the customer service department and they ARE able to wave the fees if this is your first offense with them. It should really be no problem!! Let me know how it turns out!
  15. I agree with you I would be pissed JMO