Update of Chanel Australia

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  1. Ladies, let me start a new threat, so everyone in Australia is more updated :nuts:

    I just got an information from my friend that there is two new 2.55 (reissue) bags arrived in Sydney store:
    • croc satin (east west style) fuschia pink gold hardware AU $4k+
    • dark pink metallic
    There are still a few black vintage reissue available, largest size if Im not wrong is AU $3,700.00, some new shoes are in-store as well, saw this brodery ballerina and crystal cc with flower black ballerina :okay:
  2. YAY! an australia thread :wlae:
    must go take a look hehe thanks for the update
  3. Thanks for the update :smile:
    Any idea whether we'll get the rose fonce lambskin flap and also those makeup jewellery?
  4. Thanks for the update!
  5. does anyone know how much the cerf bag is retailed for in aussie stores?? im torn whether or not to get it..does anyone have one? opinions? photoes of them modelling their cerf plsss...torn =[
    I dont want a birkin as i think birkin is a little bit older for me however it is a classic..so ive settled with cerf..opinions ladies?
  6. the only like 'hermes' birkin/garden party kinda style? isnt it around AU$2500+ something?
  7. Only those two pinkish bags came in. The dark pink reissue in 225 and 227 I think, cause I have 226 and they only one smaller and bigger than mine. For the 227 which they called it large or jumbo (forgot :P) is AU$3700+ which is cheap compare to the satin pink in east west size (but so damn pretty) is AU$4k+. Btw, the new reissue structure is way way better and stronger than previous reissue, heavier and feel like so worthy to hv compare to the latest classic flap which is softer. It seems that Chanel sort of doing the reissue in more structural and let classic flap collections softer than ever :sweatdrop: ...
  8. Thanks for update
  9. im sorry im not sure what u mean by garden party style hermes?? *confused*
  10. garden party is the name of this hermes
    comes in different size colours etc.

    in relation to the new ballerinas... fannatics do u remember how much they retailed for?
  11. oohh i see i see..thanks for that! =D
    has anyone seen the purple jumbo jersey flap???
    what are your opinions on it?
  12. i've seen the lambskin purple it's quite nice
    but i'm not a huge a fan of the jersey material bags:smile:
  13. they look OK to me, right now their is leather reissue available and if the price just abt the same, why getting jersey, unless u r loving the colour :nuts:
  14. i didnt look at it tday, i'll get back to u in a few days time :yahoo:
  15. i second that! i can't wait lol
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.