Update of Chanel Australia II

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  1. Thank you for the info :smile:
  2. Oh no, another increase?! What percentage will the classic medium flap / boy increase by? Was going to get one for Christmas but should i hold off or get it now? Are they usually hard to come by?
  3. Hi
    I saw one being displayed today at Castlereagh St :smile:
  4. ‍♀️ I did, last week in Chaddy (melb)
  5. Not sure how much they’ll put the price increase, but I suggest once you’ve seen the bag you’re after better get it ASAP rather than wait until Christmas. They usually put the price increase when the cruise comes which is around November...
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  6. Hi this is my first post in the forum, just wanted to ask ladies if anyone of you know where i could buy a preloved chanel bags in australia.
  7. I look out for preloved Chanel at Luxeitfwd and The Purse Affair.
  8. I personally recommend melbourne based reseller ‘timelessvougue’ . I been deal with her for buying and selling my preloved. She is very professional and friendly.
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  9. Any one any info on price increase please
  10. Hi all, I called the Chanel info line and they said that they are not getting any minis in this year... does anyone know why?
  11. Interesting..
    My SA told me they are getting mini in lambskin only next season
  12. I am told that there will be minis in lambskin only going forward
  13. I thought that’s what’s happening, super surprised that she said they are not getting minis at all?! I’m hoping she misspoke. Also, like many others, I’m on the fence about Lambskin, so I might wait another year for the caviar...
  14. Are there any advantages to buying chanel in Australia vs US?
  15. Yes! Prices are inclusive of taxes Also US dollar is doing really well compared to AUD