Update of Chanel Australia II

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  1. :roflmfao: Our original Update to Australia has finally reached its limits and was closed by our dear moderator, Beautilicious :roflmfao:

    So here is another one to start :graucho: Lets make 2009 a fun Chanel Year, shall we?

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  2. :wlae::drinkup:
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  3. wow. i think the australian thread has more posts than any other threads based in countires. lol .
  4. that's good to know aye haha
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  5. Hey lovelies

    I am in Sydney enjoying the warm weather as we speak .. just had dinna and just lazing in the room. Mardi Gras is on today and it's so busy out there !!!!

    Have yet to enter Chanel today but maybe tomorrow or Monday...... walked past it but decided I have no self disciplince so I should just go buy clothes !! Hehehehe..

    Hope everyone's good.

    And yeah, here's one modelling pic I took today :


    Sorry ! Not a very nice picture I know!!!!! Legs are so tanned and gross!!!

    Enjoy the weekend ladiesss!:yahoo:Shopping for me tomorrow!
  6. Hey sydney ladies I need your advice,I am planning to visit Sydney in few weeks time.I will only have 4 days there so what are restaurants and sightseeing place I shud visit?:P

    We really shud have Aussie purse forum meeting to celebrate our second thread.:smile::smile:
  7. Hi guys,
    I'm planning to travel to either japan and thailand and is thinking about purchasing the medium matte black vintage calf-skin reissue. Would anyone know the procedure to claim back the GST if I were to purchase it in Syd? Also, knowing the terrible exchange rate, would you advise that its cheaper to purchase chanel bag is SYD rather than overseas. Cheers 8D
  8. hey we got a new thread
  9. you claim your GST back at the airport, the purchase has to be within 30 days and the invoice needs to state your name and address
    in terms of price, I don't know about Japan or Thailand, with the current exchange rate, things are cheaper over here than HK when you purchase duty free
  10. hey guys, does anyone know the exact price for the valentine mini?? i saw it wen i walked past chanel and omg i want it just cuz its so cute and tiny!!!!!
  11. i know its so adorable. i asked this before in the old thread. Fannaticsydney said it was over 1.5k and not worth it...i agree!
  12. but i like it! when u say over 1.5k, is it below 2k?
  13. dozaroo!! u look great!!!! i love your shoes too, so pink and juicy! i hope you enjoy urself there! take more pics *wink*

  14. hi hi jac, its really cute huh! hahah but what can u carry in it >< anyways im not sure what the price is but im guessing 2k ish. maybbe fannaticsyd can tell us :P