Update: my quest for red caviar flap w/ new chain & disturbing news on price hike

  1. Hi all, just want to share, so I got the red caviar e/w flap with the new chain today. I am busy now (working OT) so I can't post pics now but do want to say I love the red color and the new chain. Surprisingly though, I am not like peeing in my pants on the bag, I think that's because I really want the bag in medium size. Since the e/w bag has double chain now and the chain is thicker than the older version and very shiny....I feel like the double chain is too overwelming for the e/w size proportion-wise. IMO I think the e/w size looks better with just one old single-chain with leather weaven in. I am sure the new chain will look better with a medium or jumbo size, though jumbo always look too big on my petite frame so i didn't put my name on the jumbo waitlist. I am now dying here trying to get the medium instead, which, pretty much none of the stores are going to get the medium red caviar.....I guess I am going to just hold onto the e/w and see what happen, but I do want to get the medium size soon so badly....

    Then today as I was talking to my SA at the boutique, she told me there will be yet another price increase starting next Monday.....she said some goes up 5% while most of them including the classic styles (like the flaps and PST) goes like 8% up.....that really makes me thinking about the white PST now, but when I mentioned that I may want the white PST b4 Monday, my SA doesn't look too excited. She knows my style so she said she feels that the PST is not really me (and I kinda agree with her). I am afraid I am thinking about the PST now because of the upcoming price hike. I mean I think the white PST looks good on some people, I have seen some fellow TPFers carrying it very very well. But like my SA I too feel that the lovely bag somehow just doesn't look or feel right on me. So I guess I really shouldn't spend over $1000 on a bag mainly b/c I want to beat the price hike right? I really appreciate my SA honest opinion though instead of trying to get commission on a sale. But damn, another price hike!
  2. ok, this is me with my e/w bag. the red is really a true red, lipstick red. the red shown in my pics seem to be more orangy than it should be IRL. So IRL the red is prettier IMO. as you can see the chain is very shiny, and so if the bag is bigger i feel like the red bag and the silver shiny chain would be more balanced proportion wise....i dunno if you know what i mean but nonetheless, it is a nice red chanel bag.

    BTW, I also have a blue e/w caviar flap, and I don't have a medium caviar flap yet, maybe that makes me want a medium even more....
    DSC01896.JPG DSC01897.JPG DSC01900.JPG DSC01901.JPG
  3. listen to your heart and your s/a, hehe. if you dont love the bag, dont fork over 1g for it. i've heard another tpfer mention the price hike and GSTs will be 1895!! i feel like i'm being manipulated by chanel to purchase things just b/c of price.. p.s. patiently waiting for your pics~
  4. i think u missed the pic.
  5. Thank you for sharing.
    I didn't know that the new E/W has a double chain.
    I agree with you that its maybe too much on such a small bag. Love to see your pics of it though!

    And yet another price hike??? :amazed:
    OMG, it feels like there's an increase every month now.....
  6. wow, i really like the deep red color. i'm not crazy about the new chains, but would love to go see it in real life. also, i dont think the double chains on e/w looks bad at all.. it's comparable to the medium.
  7. btw, do you mind telling me the price on the e/w with double chain?
  8. Haha, I see you've posted your pics already!
    Looove the color, but I do think the chain is a little too much.
  9. I love the new red! Like you said, it's a true lipstick red.
  10. thanks all, the e/w is $1395 plus tax. in the pic the chain doesn't look as overwhelming compared to the size of the bag, but IRL the chain does look a bit too much for such a small bag....uh....I want it in medium size so bad...
  11. Your bag is beautiful. I love this shade of red. May I ask if the chain is long enough to wear as a messenger?
  12. No...it's not long enough for messenger style..
  13. on that price hike..
    Indra at the Chanel Boutique in Tysons told me that the price hike is going up in May. I was inquiring at the White GST she had. And she told me that in May its bumping again. I think Chanel is crazy with these prices every few months.. I could see over a course of a year or more so, but every three months or so we here of a price increase....
    dang it !!! lol
  14. i think the chain is interesting on your bag and adds kind of an edgy touch to the classicness. I have seen the red and it is gorgeous. But I understand your wanting to go bigger, I would too but not for the reasons of the chain...............i was told that Fran at the Saks (Chanel boutique) at Dadeland Mall (Miami) can get anything and everything. i am sure there are PFers who know excellent SAs and maybe they can help you out. I am getting aggravated at this price increase frequency....its getting to the point of "who do they think they are" which I never thought i'd say about Chanel. geeez
  15. I love your bag, especially the color, but I see what you mean about the chain, which would look more in place on the jumbo. What's up with these price hikes anyway!