UPDATE: My gold/khaki 06 shoulder bag!!!PICS!

  1. ok...as promised...here's a few pics of my new 06 gold/khaki shoulder bag I was debating a week ago. I really love it! Its so pretty in person and so versatile! Unfortunately, I bought this bag 2 days before seeing my dream bag "05 Hampton's stripe hobo" on eBay in excellent condition. uggggg! I'm still waiting for the Hampton's to arrive but one will have to go. I can't afford to keep both. :sad: I will post pics of the Hampton's hobo when it arrives and maybe you guys can help me decide!!:shame: Here's a few pics of Miss Gold Legacy!!!! Tell me what you think?! I'm not the best at taking pictures of myself!LOL
    gold11.jpg gold88.jpg
  2. Very nice!! :tup:
  3. Me Likey! I love love love the gold! I think I might get this bag :roflmfao:
  4. I LOVE the Legacy shoulder bag in any color combo. Your bag looks great on you. Can't wait to see your hobo!
  5. i love it. can't wait to see your other new hobo:smile:
  6. I love the gold!! You should NOT get rid of this bag.:nogood:
  7. The gold looks great on you. It'll be tough if you ever decide to let that go!
  8. Very cute, and you look great modeling it!
  9. Oooo...I LOVE this bag!!! It's so gorgeous!!!! This one's a keeper! Looks great on you!
  10. looks great on you! Thanks for the eye candy! :tup:
  11. It is GORGEOUS congrats!! She looks SO stunning on you!
  12. oh, thanks guys! Its going to be so hard to decide... :shrugs: I should have the Hampton's today or tomorrow. I'll post pics then. I want to keep both BUT my budget disagrees with me!:rant:.....Budget smudget...it ALWAYS gets in the way! LOL
  13. nice bag!!
  14. Absolutely Beautiful!!!!!!! Very Tough Decison To Make!!!!!!!!
  15. Ditto!:tup: