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  1. Some of you may remember the news of my upcoming Damier custom special order (Greenwich PM meets West-End PM, weekend bag with a twist - the twist being cases/pockets to accomodate drawing items, pencils/pens/sketchbooks/paper etc), and essentially, the last LV piece I'll be obtaining myself for the forseeable future.

    I got a call today from the Leather Goods Manager helping me with the SO to tell me it had been officially approved :yes:

    So all there's left to do is go in to finalise details (which I'm doing tomorrow lunchtime) and it starts happening!:okay:

    Here are some reeeally lousy quality photos of my initial sketches of the bag > the bag will have the exact same external proportions as I specified/requested, but there are still some details left to finalise (Precise internal pocket dimensions, exact location of pen case, etc).


    - Rolled short handle (As per Monogram Satellite stuitcases)
    - Dual buckle closure (Squared buckle closures as per Damier Uzes - not more common 'pointed' buckle closure)
    - 5 brass feet
    - Detachable (via snap-buttons) pencil/pen case on underside of bag opening.
    - Two internal D-rings
    - Large patch pocket to accomodate Moleskine paper sketchbooks
    - Large zipped compartment
    - Lined in mustard-yellow Alcantara (as per Blue Monogram Denim bags)

    (I decided against shoulder strap-rings in the end, as I want to keep it to it's intended purpose, an old-school-style weekend bag).

    And there will be a second custom made item, a matching Damier Portfolio, essentially a huge pochette cles (with chain/ring) measuring 30 x 40cm which will fit perfectly inside the bag, also lined in mustard-yellow Alcantara > to keep larger papers, MacBook and also to use as my work portfolio (I'm a graphic designer by trade).

    I'll get to see/receive the official drawings from Paris, tomorrow ('Schematics': the SA who called me today called them). And I will definitely post pictures of the WIP drawings on here for all to see, in the next few days.

    *I'm also going to ask about the possibility of a custom painting, not just some initials, stripes or even a crest, but something REALLY different. Since painted Speedys and Keepalls will be able to be made to order as of next month, I'm sure it'll be possible with my Sac Weekend de Dessin, as my SA told me was printed on LV's drawings. I guess this makes it my bag's official title :supacool:.
  2. oh wow that's really cool! Can't wait to see the official drawings from Paris.
  3. hmmm nice, can you PM me the price they are asking for? I been thinking on SO a bag myself...

    oh and you need to tell them to put extra leather pices on the sides otherwise it will sag...

    like the girmaud...

  4. hi there.. im curious too. how much does LV usually charge for SOs? and are such requests available in all countries? and how long does it usually take? tia~
  5. ^^^ it should take less than 8 months, it's the company's policy and it's available in every country...
  6. sounds amazing! you have just inspired me to SO something too.
  7. Kudos to you! I've always wanted to SO something but the waiting kills me. That said, anticipation is half the excitement of the journey ain't it?
  8. It sounds really nice :drool:

    Sorry if you'v ementioed it before, but what was the timescale between making the request and the approval? I'm considering an SO myself.
  9. Amazing.
  10. you must be so excited!!! I can't wait for the pictures :smile:
  11. I'm really curious to the price (if you don't mind) this seems more than a regular SA because you have so much input on what you want etc. is it costing more than the usual 30%
  12. I can't wait to see pics of this piece when it is finished! You have great ideas, maybe you should ask for a job!
  13. How much are they charging? Looks great!
  14. wow, how exciting!! your own custom made damier piece!! congratulations!!!
  15. :drool: I can't wait to see it!!
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