UPDATE: My car is ruined but im alive

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  1. First of all, I want to say Thanks for all of the support in my other thread.

    Today, I obtained the police report and they concluded that the accident was caused 100% by the other driver. Which was a 76 year old man driving a Hyundai, he was heading towards an optometrist appointment for which he was running late.:push:

    Also, My car has been deemed totalled by my insurance company. I have already placed an order for a brand new BMW 335i. I feel that no other car will keep me as safe. Silly I know.:rolleyes: I also forgot to mention that when the accident happened and the airbag came out my car called BMW SOS which is an emergency 911 service. They immediately called the police and paramedics and they were able to pinpoint my exact location without me telling them.:yes:
    Here is a picture that I took today, my car literally has no front end!!:yucky:
  2. Holy crap! Poor car of yours! Once again, I am glad you are safe darling!
  3. Glad to hear everything turned out okay. BMW's are very safe cars. Good call ordering another one!
    Take care!!:p
  4. This is so scary... Looking at your car, reminded me of ours 2 years ago.

    I'm glad you're okay. :flowers:
  5. It's so great you are ok. Cars are replaceable lifes are not so good luck on the new car.
  6. I am so so glad to hear that you are okay and that you are safe!! That car is like a tank! I hope this is okay for me to ask:

    Will your insurance company be paying the total cost for your new car or will they just be paying a portion? I have never had to file an insurance claim myself so I don't know how it works :smile:
  7. Good to hear you will get your new car soon! Just take good care!
  8. Glad you're OK.

    It's amazing that your car alerted SOS about your accident!
  9. OMG..you are very lucky you survived by the looks of your car! someone upstairs was watching over you girl!:yes:
  10. God blessed you! Didn't see the other thread, hope you had no injuries!
    Get these old people off the road if they have axxidents.
  11. So glad that you're OK - thank God. As someone else said, cars can be replaced but you can't. Best wishes to you.
  12. Oh my goodness!! Thank God you are OK!!
  13. I am glad you are ok. Also glad they totaled your car.
  14. I'm so glad that you are safe, and I'm glad this has worked out. Take care of yourself!!!
  15. im so glad you're safe;)