UPDATE: My Anouk (I found the MII)

  1. This is for information really since the pics are not that exciting!

    In my previous thread where I unveiled my peacock Anouk (http://forum.purseblog.com/marc-jacobs/presenting-my-new-to-me-anouk-228789.html), I mentioned that I had problems finding the MII. After taking advice from TPFers (thank you so much!!) I did an extensive examination of the suede lining in bright light and then I found the magical words imprinted in the lining above the zipped pocket.

    And this is what I found (I feel so much better now!):
    AnoukMII.1.JPG AnoukMII.2.JPG
  2. Wow, that is really difficult to see in the pics. Glad you found it though!
  3. Dooooooooood...that's so hard to see! I'm glad you found it though, to ease your mind.
  4. Yay! I can't believe you found it, that's so hard to see. I had a question about the peacock color, is more of a green or blue color?
  5. Good for you!!
  6. Congrats!! The thrill of success! YeAy!
  7. Thank you all it did feel good!

    fashion_guru86 I never thought of peacock as green I always thought it was blue, but since you mention it, the bag is blue with a green hue. Oooo, that kind of rhymes!