update: lowered cholesterol w/o drugs!

  1. Some of you may remember last month I posted a thread about my cholesterol being 292 and was told by doc I'd have to go on meds. Before doing so he gave me a month to change my diet and then he would re-test. His thoughts were that at best I'd only be able to drop it down around 10 points. (I'm five-one and weight approx. 115 lbs.) Well, I'm very happy to report 30 days later after watching very, very carefully what I eat my cholesterol is now 235. Doc is now advising me to continue with watching what I eat and will re-test after the New Year. It seems like I may be able to avoid meds after all!:yahoo: :yahoo: Thanks for all your advise, ladies. It really helped me. I'm very grateful.:yes:
  2. Good for you Kat!! I am so happy for you! I am also have a high level of cholesterol and I try dieting, workout, etc, it helps but not good enough to lowering the cholesterol level where my cardiologist and I wanted the level to be. So I ended up have to take the pills but very low dosis. After looking all the risk factors, there is one factor that I can't change that is my gene (sp). I inherite my mom and my dad cholesterol problem lol..
    Everything is super but just that choleserol! I tell you one thing though.. Exercise is def help and it's better when we do it regulary!
    Please let us know how your progress with the cholesterol level with only dieting and exercising! Maybe you don't have the gene like mine, so you can do without the drug! I wish I don't have to take the pills..my mom died very young due to the heart problem. She was only 55.
  3. I'm really happy for you!:yahoo:
  4. One of the "side effects" of my weight loss is that my cholesterol went down. It was 242. Now it's 187. Congratulations on your commitment to better health! Good luck! :yahoo:
  5. OMG, how did you do that? My parents have to go on the med and they don't really want to but it doesn't matter how hard they watch wat the eat or excercise... the cholesterol is still high.
    I seem to inherit that gene from them. I'm in my 20s and super skinny only 85 lbs at 5'1 and my cholesterol is already 180. :Push:
    If you don't mind, Kat, please give me some advice on what to eat to lower the cholesterol. Thanks.
    and also... CONGRATS!!!!
  6. Kat, that is AWESOME news! I bet it feels wonderful. Congrats, and thanks for sharing your great accomplishment with us :nuts:
  7. :yahoo:Wonderful news! I knew you could do it!!!!
  8. Congratulations!
  9. Wow, great news!!!
  10. That's wonderful. I tried everything on my own and couldn't lower it much, so I'm on Lipitor, fairly low dose. How great for you!:smile:
  11. VERY good news!!!

    My DH is in the 'business', his CO sells a drug that actually raises the good cholesterol, people don't understand that even if you're young and thin you can still be at risk!

    It's awesome that you're able to get this under control w/ a healthier lifestyle!
  12. I am so very sorry to hear about your mom. She was so young. It is good for you to be on the meds then because you reallly can't change your genetics. My father is on cholesterol medication so I guess it's in my genes to a degree too. I'm glad to hear everything else with you is fine.:P
  13. Wow! You got yours down under 200! That's grrrrrrrrreat!!!:yahoo:
  14. That's great, Kat! My cholesterol is usually borderline, and I just had some labs drawn last week, so I dread what they're going to be. I know it's not always easy to get that down without the meds.
  15. When genetics are involved sometimes it's unavoidable. My dad takes meds for high cholesterol and he is a slim man who goes to the gym 5 times a week. He's in great shape. His body just produces too much cholesterol. Even though I am not overweight I really didn't have the healthiest diet. What I did was entirely cut out all fried foods, red meat, cheese, eggs, butter, gravy, sweets, shell fish. What I replaced these foods with was chicken, turkey, whole grain breads & pasta, grilled veggies, fresh fruit. I also make lots of different kinds of salads. I start out with fresh greens then I'll add either grilled portobello mushrooms, chick peas, onions, tomatoes, dried cranberries, etc. I'm not really a fish eater but I found that I liked tilapia and halibut so I eat that maybe once a week. It was really hard the first couple of weeks because I was not used to eating this healthy. I've been told to stay away from foods that are high in saturated fats. I hope this info is helpful.:P