Update JC Penney/Ban Situation :D

  1. Umm, so yeah, false alarm for the tokidoki at JC Penney. My mom misheard the radio advertisement - we got there, and asked where the LeSportsac bags were, for tokidoki, and the SA replied "you mean tooki the clown? she left a couple of hours ago"~

    Sooo... a half-hour drive, no toki, and we even missed dang Tooki :p This is good for my ban, though, haha~

    I think it's safe to say that JC Penney probably won't be carrying any tokis~
  2. Oh man, good thing I read just. I was just calling them as I read this. LOL!! I would've been so embarrassed if they were to be like "toki---what?" xD
  3. hahaha I know, I hate that... I've asked SA's at my Macy's, and I hate how their faces look whenever I ask if they have any in stock. They just stare at me like "duhh... whaaaat?"
  4. :roflmfao: That is so adorable & hilarious, Dancing Nancies!!
    Too bad about them not selling it, and sorry you missed the clown!! :hs:
  5. hhahah my mom was very dissappointed that I couldn't go crazy and look through all the toki that they were supposed to have in stock~ I just rubbed it in by telling her I'd e-mail her links to all of the bags I want online :p Too bad she doesn't feel THAT bad :biggrin:
  6. awww that was really sweet of ur mom to let u know about JCP and take u there... (even if it was a misunderstanding). :tup:
  7. Yeah, it was pretty nice :yes: She's cool like that~ haha
  8. haha, i dont like that either xD i call and ask if theres any tokidoki and they are like "toe... what? todoki? tokiroki?" and im like... "it looks like a bag with cartoons" and they go OHHHH x.x; lol. plus when you ask for prints/styles they usually lie because they have no clue what you are talking about... i called asking for an "Adios Star CIAO CIAO" and they lady said "sorry we dont have any" i knew she was probably mistaken so i stopped by and there was 2. tsktsk
  9. Ugh, some SA's suxxxx :p They should do their job like they're supposed to! Too bad about the JC Penney's for me... I wish there was a place I could drive to to buy tokidoki... :sad:

  10. haha...I really think SA should be trained better in dept stores, know their products well, especially handbags dept. one SA from Nordstrom sent me a bag that was supposed to be mamma mia, turned out to be a bambinone. haha....hilarious!!
  11. Tooki the clown. That is sooo funny.:roflmfao:
  12. :p
  13. OMG that is so hilarious...tOOki the Clown. I needed a good laugh.
    that is super nice of you mom to be looking out for you.
  14. haha yeah, she rocks :p
  15. I guess that's good for us that there is no toki's! Thanks for the update!