** UPDATE**Italian Designer Gianfranco Ferre Has Died

  1. Awwww. That's so awful, my thoughts and prayers go out to him. I hope he is able to pull through this.
  2. Oh no....prayers prayers!!
  3. That's horrible, he is a really talented designer
  4. Oh that's horrible, I hope he gets well!
  5. He's my fave designer for clothes :sad:(( I own several of his creations as they are always beautiful! My prayers are with him!!
  6. oh no, that's horrible. hope he gets better!
  7. Oh thats awful news. I hope he gets better
  8. thanks for posting the news so all of our good vibes and prayers will go out to him.

  9. Your welcome.

    I'm really hoping for the best. I'm just hearing nothing but bleak news. :sad:
  10. This is so horrible! He's only 63...

    It's so depressing to think that many of our fashion inovators, like Anna Piaggi, Karl Lagerfeld, and Yves Saint Laurent, will pass in the relatively soon future....

    We should still hope for the best though as long as possible.
  11. OMG that is terrible! Thoughts and prayers

  12. I was thinking the same thing! He creates some gorgeous clothing. I hope he gets better!!!
  13. Prayers from all for a speedy recovery.
  14. I just read on the Washington Post's website that he did indeed pass.