Update: How Price Increase affects Waitlisters

  1. Hi all, I called my local LV just now to ask them a few questions and wanted to share. Apologies if some of it is old news that our lovely LV veterans might already have been anticipating.

    I was told that yes, while the price increase in the U.S. "begins" on the 23rd, there is a 2 week window for honoring those who have already been waistlisted for current retail items. So, if you are waitlisted for a Tivoli right now and have the good fortune that it arrives, say Feb. 2st, then you will be paying the "old" price. If she takes her sweet old time and ships in Feb. 4th, you pay the "new price".

    Also, please note that I was just using the Tivoli as an example. I don't really know if its price will be increasing (does anybody else?).

  2. ~Thanx for the info:sweatdrop: still awaiting for the Tivoli:sweatdrop:I'm guessing that the price increase will not affect the new releases all that much. Also, depending on your SA as well-they may still honor the old prices on a certain pieces if you were to have a little chat:graucho: w/ them. This is JMO~
  3. Was told it would not effect the releases from the past 2-3 months, so Tivoli, palmerno, trevi would not be effected

  4. Thanks, Newcitylady! That makes me breathe a sigh of relief about the Tivoli!
  5. WOW...Thanks for that info...I was sweating:sweatdrop:
  6. You can pay for it in advance!
  7. I asked about that on a different item and was told you could not pay for anything in advance..sorry