Update, Haha Explanation & Apology From Ebay!! Woo Hoo!!!!!

  1. Decided to open a new thread as an update to these threads:



    Well I am very happy, eBay have clarified the situation regarding their taking down of my old auctions & sending me a message that it was because these item were counterfeit.

    Today I got a call from the eBay legal department, a very nice lady from USA.

    She explained to me that the reason they had contacted me was to "educate" me :roflmfao: regarding the fact that at the end of my auction description I had put - Please see my other auctions for designer bags & I named the brands such as Fendi, Chloe etc
    Now apparently this is wrong on eBay if you are selling a bag such as LV then you are only allowed to mention LV in your auction not another designer.
    I didn't know this.

    She apologised profusely that they only have one message to sed to sellers when they take down an auction & that is that the item is counterfeit & she assured me that they are looking into this! :roflmfao:

    Anyway fair enough I accepted her explanation & thanked her for the "education" :roflmfao: & modified all of my current auctions tonight to make sure that I didn't contravene the rules again & mention my other auctions!

    Apparently if you put another brand name in an auction & someone searches for that brand then you are potentially misleading them as your auction is not for that brand!
    I hope this information helps other people who may innocently put that message in their auctions

    Regarding the negative that I DON'T have that is appearing in my feedback she was again very apologetic & said there are bugs on the system since they changed the feedback rating system & assured me that it would be rectified asap. I am not happy with that still being there but hope they will rectify quickly

    Anyway I accepted her explanations & as I say hope this info will "educate" other people & avoid them falling into the same trap. I honestly saw no problem with putting that message at the end of my auctions. They should make the rules clearer for sure.

    So all's well that ends well & I got my apology from ebay :yahoo:
  2. WOW! As long as I know, may this is the first time eBay did it :yes: :lol: and by HUMAN! Usually eBay will send us automatic msg by computer or only short and formil msg :push:

    I hope they won't do the same in future, too :lol: and you can take deep breath now, you won't get rush by class action etc problems, it's totally take much time, effort and money :push:
  3. I know I am so happy that I had this victory, thanks :smile:
  4. Ooh sure :smile: They've to recover you after they brought you in those trouble. Is it correct if I say congrats? ;)
  5. Congrats, that's fantastic! Hopefully they'll figure out how to get the fake bags off and keep the authentic bags on!:yes:
  6. Thats Good I Figured If I Got A Apoligy You Would Get One Too.
  7. oh thats really great:yahoo: thank goodness e bay have done something right for once, persistance pays of for sure. and now you are well EDUCATED:rolleyes: as well
  8. Wow... well I guess I can understand why they didn't tell you this before. I mean, it would probably take them like 14 seconds to write a new form message to tell people which eBay policy they have violated. That would take all the mystery and excitement out of eBay!
  9. Its called 'Key Word Spammng' . Sellers do it on purpose as a rule so that in searches their auctions come up under all the categories they've used the 'keywords' for. Its not a fair practice for those who are selling honestly in those categories because it often takes sales away when people are distracted by a different item. It also screws Ebay out of fees because a sellers item comes up in several categories for free and you're supposed to pay if you're listing in more than one category.
  10. Yay! An explanation and apology - so simple, so effective!
  11. Absolutely!
  12. Hey Roz - well done you for pursuing it. I've been watching your thread re your hassle with Ebay. I've been put right off Ebay and you are the only person I would ever buy through! It's such a shame that what was a brilliant concept has been taken over by crooks and scammers.
  13. wow, I'm surprised that ebay actually CALLED you! Glad that it's all accounted for.

    Anyone wanna guess how long ebay will take to correct that negative feedback of Roz's??
    I'm guessing.....4 weeks! (normally, I'd guess 3 months, but since they called, I thought I should give them a lil' credit!)
  14. Yep, that's true.

    You can put in something like "see my other auctions for matching accessoried for this bag".
  15. Glad to here they've finally explained themselves! :biggrin:

    How ridiculous to only have one message! :shrugs: