Update from Cricket, Liverpool

  1. Hi, all

    Just to let you know that I paid a personal visit to Cricket in Liverpool earlier this week and you might be interested in the following, which I posted on the UK Bbag club site:

    Hi, all As promised, here's an update from my visit to Cricket in Liverpool on Monday to see what new and older bags they might have available. So here goes: New bags: full range of colours in GGH and GSH and great choice of styles. Good selection of RH violet, magenta and bubblegum pink. Some Cities, some Firsts, a few Part Times and a few Step bags. Also a selection of Day bags, but I didn't inspect these. Older bags and accessories: 1 metallic pink City for £700, 2 metallic pink Firsts for £650, 1 pale pink First for £650. All above in great condition. 2006 Grey (light to mid grey bag not Greige) City for £700. Matching wallet for £245. 2006 Truffle City for £700. All in very good condition. Coin purses in: metallic brown £135, buff/beige £155, pink pony £150 (a bit dirty), beige pony £150. 4 Boobies in black, buff/beige, aqua (?) and taupe £135. Sorry to be a bit vague about the colours. 2006 blue india or aquamarine First for £650. 2004 Pistachio small bag (unsure of price. Sorry!). Staff were really welcoming and friendly and they did offer to do their best to order for us any bag and any colour, if we give them sufficient notice. Hope the above information is helpful. PS I bought a 2008 beautiful RH black City with just amazing leather. Couldn't resist!!

    I have got Cricket's fax number if anyone is interested in making contact with them and just ask if you need more details.

    Best wishes
  2. Thank you Lizziecat for taking the time to write down all the details! Did you happen to see any WORK? TIA:smile:
  3. Hi, chriseve

    They did not have any RH Work bags, but may well have some GH Works. Cricket are not too good, I'm afraid, at displaying their bags and since they were all heaped together on a display shelf, it is difficult to say for definite. They certainly like Part Time bags and there were several of those. A lovely Vermillion RH Part Time was available. They also had 2 Courier bags from 2006 in pale grey and buff/beige.

    Come back to me, if you need more info.
  4. Thank you so much Lizziecat! I want a Work in the 05/06 Grey or even slightly darker. I just don't think the new Grey in fall/winter is dark enough, and I thought Plomb is too dark/black--but I've been thinking...if they all fade in time--and they seem to--maybe a Plomb would be a darker 05/06 grey in 5 years, LOL:smile: I only like RH:smile:
  5. Chris--do you remember what the 2004 pictachio looked like? Was it a first? Or an accessory? Was it in good condition?
  6. lizzie - Thanks for the update. However, I was so dissapointed with their CS. I emailed them several times last October about the First that I wanted to buy and they responded to me via email but it took them forever until they finally forgot to answer back on my last few emails. I didn't bother with it anymore.....
  7. whats pistachio small bag?
  8. I think it might be the mini motorcycle in Anis (I think that's what they've had since last October '07).
  9. I did mention this to the store manager and she was a bit embarrassed. She did promise me that if anyone wants to fax them for info or to make a purchase, they will certainly get back to customers. Their fax number is 0044 151 236 0373, marking it for the attention of Della.

    I'm so sorry that they have not responded well to your contacts, since I've found that if you go in person, they give you a great service. Della spent a lot of time with me on Monday and I treated myself to a wonderful black City with TDF leather!!

    But always let me know, if I can help further. I will make any telephone calls for you.