Update from BalNY!!!!

  1. Got this from Sarah at BalNY. Thought I'd share with my Bal Gals!

    The colors for Spring/Summer have been released!
    We are now taking orders for the waiting list.

    The new colors for pre-collection are:
    Natural- slightly more beige than the cement from this season.
    Truffle- exactly same brown as this season.
    Cafe- dark brown (coffee)
    Grass- bight green, true green
    seagreen- light mint
    Marine- dark navy, no undertones
    French Blue- true blue (bright)
    Vermillion- true red, almost exactly the same as fire engine.

    Collection colors are:
    Anthracite- very dark grey with an undertone of green
    Toffee- light butterscotch brown
    Aqua Marine- dusty turquoise
    Periwinkle- lightish blue with a touch of lavender

    (See attached file: Swatches.JPG)
    Attached is a photo of the pre-collection colors. Unfortunately, I do not
    have the collection color swatches to take a photo for you.

    There are a few new styles available this season as well.
    Balenciaga has introduced a new version of the classic bags using giant
    gold hardware. The studs and buckles are oversized and exaggerated. The
    styles it can be ordered in are the "giant" part-time $1645.00, the "giant"
    city $1595.00, the "giant" day $1245.00, the "giant" work $1725.00, and
    the "giant" brief $1595.00 (new style). The giant series is available in
    the colors listed above.
    This bag has already begun to get press so I recommend getting on the list

    The classic styles are still available in the colors above.
    First $995.00 (13"x2"x6")
    City $1195.00 (15"x3.5"x10")
    Twiggy $1095.00 (14"x6.5"x7")
    Day $995.00 (16"x5"x13")
    Work $1385.00 (18"x5"x13")
    Weekender $1495.00 (21"x9"x15")
    Box $995.00 (11"x5.5"x7")
    Shopping $1195.00 (15"x6.5"x12")
    Courier $1175.00 (22"x8"x15")
    Extra Courier $1250.00 (24"x9"x17")
    Part-Time $1295.00 (16"x6"x9")
    Afternoon $1245.00 (17"x6"x13")
    Mid-Afternoon $1195.00 (14"x5"x11")
    Bowling $1185.00 (12"x3"x13")
    Mini Bowling $1075.00 (12"x2.5"x11")

    Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions.
    Thank you,
    Balenciaga New York
  2. Thanks Zac..........I wonder when the collection swatches are going to be available...........
  3. Did I email them to you? If not I will. She also sent color swatches.
  4. Yup, got it :idea: But the swatches are the pre collection. The later release swatches weren't attached (anthracite, periwinkle, etc...) Guess they're not available yet :sad:
  5. ^^^yeah~ I just spoke to Sarah and she doesn't have any swatches of the colors yet! No lilac works!!! SAD!
  6. Looks like the Brief is giant hardware only...
  7. I talked to Daisy yesterday and she said the Brief will come with regular hardware.
  8. Is there a picture somewhere of the Periwinkle color? Does anyone know?
  9. Thanks for this Zacorey!
  10. So cool! Thank you for letting us know! :smile:
  11. Fantastic news zac..... 'L' :yes: !! So sweet to sharing with us :love: thank you :flowers: !! I really hope that also the shops here will receive the new collections soon ;)
  12. Thanks so much for the picture Scout!!!!

    You're welcome everyone!
  13. That's so funny, because I was at Bal NY a week and a half ago and talked to Sarah and she showed me the Collection swatches. The periwinkle is an awesome color for sure. Aqua looks very much like Blue India, we were talking about it and comparing it to a BI day she had because I really loved BI from this season and she was saying well if you miss out on it, the Aqua for Spring is very close and showed me the swatch against the BI day. It's super close but the Aqua is a bit brighter AND darker at the same time for lack of a better description. Definitely a more striking color than the blend of the colors in the Blue India.

    Wonder why they aren't emailing out the swatches for Collection yet?
  14. This is the exact same email word-for-word that was posted here a few weeks ago ... so probably if you ask Sarah for a photo of the Collection color swatches she'll send it to you (since apparently she has it now).