Update from an outlet SA

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  1. Was at the outlet today & the SA told me corporate policy is now that they will no longer give out coupons in the store only the email type.

    He also said they are going to do another of those "outlet online to select customers" type things.
  2. Well, that is no biggie...you can find those coupons anywhere online. Unless they do personalized coupons, that's not a big deal.
    And I did not get invited to the online outlet thing last time; I hope I get invited to this one.
    Thanks for the info!
  3. Good point. I used to receive the emails myself but they stopped a few months ago. As long as kind tPFers post the link, we'll be OK. This of course is assuming the SA's prediction pans out!
  4. hopefully this isnt the case because ive stopped receiving coupons since i havent shopped at the outlet in like 6 months. lol
  5. IDK, I still think there will be special weekends where they still hand out coupons to the masses.
  6. That stinks. I haven't received emails for months, and so I was depending upon the coupons they would hand out!
  7. I really think this would hurt sales. But, maybe they would go back to making better quality bags. One could only hope.
  8. Well...here's a thought. It would also cut back on some of the resellers. Which will be a little relief for me...ebay is filled with nothing but mff now. I like Bonz better because of the personal collectors who let go of their fp's. And like I said, just do a google search for Coach Factory Coupons and there are tons of links, if you cannot find them here (which you usually can).
    I stopped receiving them at a steady pace a couple of months ago, because my outlet is a little ways away. I only got to go once a month or once every two months.
    I get one every now and again, but it's not common.
  9. i dont get why they print a ton to cut up and hand out at the door... why not just put up a little sign. it would save paper. coach never makes any sense to me. they change way too much too quick lol. especially the bags hard to keep up
  10. I've NEVER received any email coupons and I shop the outlets regularly, giving them my email every time. So I rely on tPFers sharing their coupons here.

    What is the outlet online thing? I've never heard of it.
  11. I'll believe that when I see it.
  12. I don't understand; I spoke to a manager last night at my outlet and she told me there will be a coupon this week and they will be handing them at the door. Does it differ from outlet to outlet? She called me to tell me a about a bag and told me btw, coupon will be given out again this upcoming weekend.
  13. Me too. My outlet is a Flagship Outlet located in a tourist area on the border between the US and Canada. I suspect most of their sales come from foreign tourists and Canadian shoppers that cross the border in droves every single week looking for bargains. I don't think they're not going to give the 20%-30% off discount to foreign shoppers that didn't get the e-mail.
  14. I know, isn't that the stupidest thing ever? It really is. Just put up a sign saying there's an additional percentage off at the store today and then have a barcode at each register.
  15. Good point! :tup: