UPDATE for fake Cherry blossom from Ebay

  1. First of all thank you so much for all the helps and responses I received in my last thread regarding fake Cherry Blossom from Ebay seller.

    In this thread:

    The seller never answered to any emails except when giving the return shipping address.
    I returned the bag with express international and gave paypal the tracking #.
    Paypal reversed the money to my account last night but I am trying to get the return shipping $ back from the seller. I don't think I will get it because I don't think she will answer my email. I told her I will have to leave her negative feedback

    Now ..how should I leave negative feedback??? any input??? I want something shows that I am :hysteric: :hysteric: :rant: with the seller

    Thank you...
  2. I would say Not Authentic, Never responded to emails, Buyer Beware!
  3. i agree with elongreach!
  4. OhMygosh, so sorry to read you had such a bad experience. I would certainly post how the seller tried to pass off a fake (on the feedback), also post about the no communication. Make sure to also note that you returned the bag to seller, sheesh what a crook :nuts: .
  5. Good reply! i'd do the same.
  6. leave a very negative feed back!!!!!
  7. I learned my lesson....
  8. Although I don't sell on ebay, I have many friends who do. Make sure your feedback is stated very professionally and add all the information that you need. Anything else and the feedback will look flakey, like you didn't have a reason to leave a negative, KWIM??? I have seen people with very good reasons to complain about a seller and then the seller with respond to their feedback and make the buyer look silly. You definately want to leave a negative and state that the bag was not a real LV bag, but keep in mind, they will probably leave you a negative as well. Unfair but they do it. Sorry you ended up with a bad bag!!! That's why I am so scared to buy LV off of ebay, I am not enough of an expert to tell!!!!
  9. ^ oh no...

    i would also leave a negative feedback. hopefully nobody will bid.
  10. Oh no..I will leave negative feedback and mention fake cherry blossom..perfect !!!
  11. I didn't know she relisted it..thanks shopalot..
    I hope it will save others the hassle..
  12. oh, and do you remembered the return policy on this auction, because if she stated that she won't refund shipping cost etc, i think it would backfired you if you mention about this shipping cost problem?