Update: Faded embossing on Empreinte leather bags

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  1. Here is a thread I posted a few months back about my experience with my louis vuitton empreinte lumineuse pm.


    Calling customer service was no good as the as the agent on the other end kept insisting it's normal wear and tear.... without actually seeing photos (see thread for pics).

    I was disappointed to ever try voicing my concerns again.

    Last week I happened to walk into LV at Yorkdale in Toronto and one of the SA's commented on my bag and how it can no longer be found anymore. I brought up the issue with the bag and he was quite surprised at the fading. He offered to take pictures and send it to their head office. After taking down my info he said he'll get back to me in a few days.

    Well yesterday I got the call and he told me the sadly LV deems this as normal wear and tear and not an issue of quality. I was disappointed but thanked him on the phone for atleast trying.

    I'm really disappointed in LV's quality. Had I known better, I would have looked for a bag that had deeper embossing - but how would I have thought of that as a problem? I expect Louis Vuitton to manufacture their bags with the highest level of quality. I feel really ripped off. Especially when I'm paying over 3000 bucks for an all leather bag.

    The SA said I could still voice my concerns, but I feel it will be futile. So disappointed. Will never buy LV again.
  2. Sorry, but an embossing, no matter what the brand, will always eventually fade, no matter how deep it originally was. Your expectations were a little unrealistic if you expected the leather, a natural material, to stay the same for the entire life of the bag.

    UPDATE: wow, I just looked at your pics. That looks terrible! Definitely not normal. Try LV's canvas line. It is so durable and beautiful, and basically stays the same for the life of the bag!
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    Aw, I wish this purse worked out for you. I could tell that you did enjoy using it. I have followed your story. I am confident in saying that you will find another bag that you can enjoy again. LV did not deviate from their wear and tear response to your concern that you posted on December 1. From reading this forum, I do know that some people get lucky. Maybe you can sell it? There is somebody out there that would enjoy this bag.
  4. Your decision to take a break from Louis Vuitton is probably a good idea. Maybe some day a new line will invite you back. Who knows? Meanwhile, have fun shopping around and finding the bags of your dreams!! 👋🏽
  5. I just read your previous thread and I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I can't believe the embossing had fade this much; to the point where it almost disappeared. I have an Empreinte wallet from 2013 that I used every day for 2 years and it's holding up very well (still looks new). This definitely does not look "normal" to me. I'm surprised that LV isn't doing anything to help with this situation. Very disappointing, indeed.
  6. Before u give up, I would write to corporate and express ur disappointment and how you feel (and submit ur pics). This looks pretty bad. U have nothing else to lose but at least u went all the way up the top of the chain. If this bag was 5 years I could understand wear and tear but this is excessive. This "normal wear and tear" comment is really not being applied with much common sense.
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  7. For such an expensive bag, this is quite disappointing. Empreinte items come with the disclaimer in the little booklet (in much fancier English) that the embossing will fade over time, but this looks terrible. As advised here, try contacting the head office one more time to see if anyone will hear you. Otherwise you can try selling the bag. You do wear it though it seems. Is it something you can accept?
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  8. Yes, your first response is something anyone would say about embossing if they hadn't actually seen the pictures. Thank you for taking the time to actually see the pics I posted and empathizing. This is not normal wear in tear for a bag that is 2 years old.
  9. Thanks, I wil try that. Do you know of the number or email I should contact?
  10. Yes I guess I could sell it. I've never actually sold my bags so I'm not sure what the return is like. I know there are consignment websites but from what I've read on this forum is that they do eat up quite a bit of commission.
  11. I do not own an Empreinte leather but love how it looks. This is really unfortunate but it is good to know that a SA would care enough and bring the issue up to corporate.
  12. Yes the booklet does say that the embossing will soften, and it does! The leather gets slouchy and soft as well which is why we love empreinte leather. But the embossing should't disappear into nothing lol. The only reason why I'm complaining is I see other's with empreinte bags that are older than mine and their embossing is nice and crisp. Not to mention when I go the the LV boutiques and look at newer bags in the empreinte line and see very very very deep embossing - looks as though they have changed their technique.