UPDATE-daughter's stomach problems

  1. :smile: Update: I got in to the gastro. doctors yesterday (he had a cancellation-our appt. was towards the end of August). He was really nice and I liked him. He put my daughter on Prevacid for acid reflux and she has to take one pill one half hour before dinner each day. So she takes it yesterday and has been pain free for 24 hours +:yahoo: :yahoo: I mean this is the first time we are pain free in 3+ months. Gave her the pill today.......pain free. My SIL said the drug works right away and you get relief that quick. So I pray this is the answer. Kind of upset that we went thru 3+ months of looking for a answer with her suffering:sad: with pain, I mean we were up many nights at 4AM rocking on the lazy boy chair.....
    I just wanted to share because everyone here was so sweet with their concerns for her. She is only 7 and my baby.....
    Hugs to all.:tender:
  2. :party: Hooray! I hope this puts an end to her pain.
  3. I'm so glad she's okay!
  4. I am so glad to hear she has some relief and hope she will be fully healed very soon! thanks for keeping us updated!
  5. Soo happy to hear she is feeling better!!!!!!!! I know that acid reflux can just be AWFUL!! Hugs to her and you!!! :love:
  6. So glad to hear she is doing much better. :heart:
  7. So happy you got an answer to your probs....Thank goodness!
    Glad to hear.
  8. Yay! Happy to hear she's feeling better.
  9. Yippee! That is a great medicine and a lifesaver for many folks. I have even used it for my doggie when he was having bad tummy problems. (Yes, on the vet's advice). So glad to hear she is doing better!!!! Hugs to you both.
  10. I'm so glad she is finally feeling better!
  11. I must've missed a previous post{?}

    We have one of our twin sons on Prevacid and it's been magic!

    Did y'all do a swallow study on her?
    Those are VERY important, it gives a baseline so they can do another one in 6 months to a year and see if there's been any change so they know if it's necassry to alter the dosage or drug.
  12. i am so glad she is feeling better, it is so tough to see our precious little ones sick.
  13. Yay! so glad.
  14. Hi Gilliana,

    I'm SO glad to hear that your daughter (and you) have finally found some relief! It's so hard, being a mom, to see your little one in pain and not be able to take it away. I have been keeping you in my prayers and will continue to do so.:flowers:
  15. I'm glad that you find out what was wrong and she is doing better now!

    Also, I have acid reflux and it is terrible! I'm not sure how old you have to be to have Tums, but that usually works for me- I like the green one, which might be kiwi but i'm not sure- I would stay away from food like Spaghetti o's or Chef Boyardee- they always make me sick- but if she's fine eating those, then that's good!

    I'm very happy for you and her!