UPDATE daughter stomach (UGH)

  1. It just never ends. I thought OK bladder infection get meds. SO today she wakes up with a allergic reaction to the medication they gave her at ER to fill out at my pharmacy. I called my doctor right away and he took her before his office opened. He did another urine test and still feels it is not a urine/bladder infection. He says her urine is too clear and the numbers don't add up. He put her on another antiobotic and said he knows it seems like he is not helping her but he feels she needs to see a gastro. doctor. I made a appt. but the earliest I can in is the middle of August. Her doctor also said that maybe it would be better if I took her to Childrens Hospital in Philadelphia. So I am going to talk to a friend who takes her boy there for all his tests. I feel I need to get in to some place now and have something done. She tells me that her stomach aches all the time but she is not going to whine about it because nothing helps. The only time she whines is when she goes to pee....and it breaks my heart to know she is hurting. I just feel like I am back to step one with not knowing what is going on.
    No nightmares for the past two nights and she seems pretty happy. So I hope maybe this new medicine kicks in and I can pray it solves the problem. But I will take her to get it checked out soon.
    Thanks again for all the support........I will keep you updated.
  2. OMG! That's horrible! Hopefully everything works out for your daughter! Please keep us updated!
  3. Oh, no! I'm so very sorry to hear that, you and your daughter really deserve an end to this! Sounds like Philadelphia is a good thing to try, to get some answers - hope they can help.

    Sending positive thoughts & hugs!
  4. I'm really sorry to hear this! I hope the new medicine helps your daughter feel better and I hope you are able to get an appointment with a specialist soon. Under the circumstances, can't your daughter's pediatrician pull some strings to push up the appointment date? It's terrible that they will make you wait so long...

    My thoughts are with you and your daughter--
  5. My daughter used to occasionally have discomfort when she pees. It is horrible for them, and I am sorry it hurts her. Could be a kidney infection, or have they checked that?I would opt to going to Philadelphia , as that sounds the quickest option. Good luck.
  6. The absolute worst part about being a parent is not being in control of health. Sick children break your heart.
    I'm thinking of all of you and hoping you are getting much closer to a happy and healthy tummy.
  7. I am really really sorry to hear this... it breaks my heart for you, your duaghter, and your family. I can't even think what may help.

    You know about yogurt with natural flora? They sell it at grocery stores- it can be pricey but helps with the urine track and feminine problems. Would you want to try that maybe?

    I really do hope she feels better soon! Keep us updated and let us know if you need anything. :heart:
  8. My thoughts are with your family. It must be so painful for her, and she seems like a real trooper. I hope they figure it out soon.
  9. Oh..poor kid..Childrens Hospital is great..I used to work at a hospital in Philly and they have a great reputation.It sounds like she should possibly see a pediatric urologist and/ or gastro doc.I live outside Philly ,PHH is a doc..I can ask him for referral names if you need me to.PM me for more info..Glad to help in any way.
  10. Aw, your poor daughter. Is there another doctor that you can try to make an appointment with? Because if it is an infection, waiting until August isn't good...sounds like an infection since it hurts her when she pees. How far away do you live from Philly? CHOP is a really good children's hospital. I know our hospital transfers kids there for surgeries that they can't do at ours. Good luck...
  11. Oh my gosh your poor daughter!! I really hope you find out whats going on soon! I feel so bad for you!
  12. *Hugs* I hope everything gets better soon.

    Camellia tea helps soothes stomachaches you could always try that with a drop of honey.
    Cranberry juice is good for clearing out the kidneys, but it might be too tart for the stomach.

    My brother once had an intense stomachache and he had to have an x-ray to pinpoint the problem. If it's not an infection, that could be an option.

    Much love and please keep us updated! We're here to give you lots of support!
  13. Oh you poor thing and your poor daughter! As a Mom you just want to make it all better for your child and when you can't, it is simply awful! You hang in there and keep us posted! The best medical advocate your daughter has is you, so don't ask for what you need from the medical system, DEMAND it!!
  14. Sorry to hear about the problems your poor little girl has been going through. It's a good idea to go to the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia, even better to see a gastro specialist (is it possible to get a much earlier appointment with another gastro doctor, not the one you can't get an appointment for until August?)
  15. my heart goes out to you and your daughter! :cry:

    I had similar problems as a teen, awful stomach aches with no solutions...i know just how excruciating that can be, as well as the fear of having it would cause me insomnia and nightmares... i used to wake up in the middle of the night feeling like my stomach was eating itself! I found that drinking this aloe vera drink type stuff that my mom found at our local health food store stopped the pains. it worked for me... it helps regulate the pH in your stomach as well as aid digestion. all i know is that it immediately stopped the pain in 2-3 minutes. takes awful- well like aloe. but it worked and it let me sleep and live a normal life again, so i drank it down.