Update! Damier Speedys up on Elux!!!

  1. Just got my 30! Go get em girls!
  2. I don't see it.:sad:
  3. New arrivals, page 3!
  4. Oh I am so mad!! Elux is blocked on my work computer!! I have to wait until 5 to see it!
  5. nothing there
  6. I still don't see it.:cry: :lol:
  7. I still don't see a speedy. I just see two other damier bags.
  8. I think they are gone! Not that it matters to me - they don't ship to Canada anyways.:sad:
  9. I see it!!! Thank you!:flowers:
  10. They must be gone that quick because I don't see them.
  11. Something up! I don't see them anymore either. They have either sold out in 2.4 seconds or they are still working on getting everything put up on site. I have seen the new arrivals come & go when they are first posted. Keep checking!
  12. It's gone!!! =(
  13. OMG! I've never seen anything like it!!:amazed: This is LV MANIA!!
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