UPDATE: Damier neverfull

  1. Hi ladies,

    wondering if any of you heard of the ETA of the damier neverfull!!?!?!?
  2. March-April in Damier and Nov-Jan in Azur. If they are on time, so far LV has not been
  3. My local store told me Aug 08 but 1-866 LV told me June 08 last week so who knows...
  4. Have any of you waitlisted for it yet? Are they even taking waitlists for the Damier?
  5. yes, i am on 2 waitlists for the damier neverfull:

    1) my local store -- we only have 1 lv store in my entire region and i am not entirely comfortable with them and 2) i called 1-866 lv and waitlisted there as well.
  6. June and August seem so far away right now! I want to see the Damier Neverfulls!
  7. :p I can't wait for the azur one!
  8. definitely getting both!!!! i am gonna waitlist for the ebene one this week!
  9. My SA told me June.
  10. I have never waitlisted for anything... if I waitlist with 1-866 lv what happens? Do they just contact me for CC info and send it to me when it is available? What happens if I don't like it? Can I return to the store?