Update: Cutest Cucciolos!

  1. Finally got my bags, and they are so unbelievably cute. I will probably keep both because I can not decide!

    Here is the amore, the bag and the diaper changing pad:
  2. Here is the paradiso, which is not as fully stuffed as the amore:

  3. Finally, both together:

  4. Where did you find the Paradiso one? I've been looking for one forever.
  5. I got the last one available from Nordstrom (they searched the system for me and did a charge send) which I just got in the mail today! I posted a thread before about my search and got great suggestions from the PFers!
  6. Oh okay well you're lucky then! I really like the Paradiso one it is so cute! :smile:
  7. Stefania.. I think both of them are CUTE ! I say keep them both!
    I wished I had them when I had my baby.
  8. I really want a Cucciolo now! lol I'm still trying to think if I should get the Foresta one I saw or not. :shrugs:
  9. Cytheria.
    I think you should get the Foresta Cucciolo.
    I saw it once, & I adored it!
    Green is not my fav color but the foresta print is my fav now!! It is soo colourful, even my 2 1/2 y.o loves to look at it and points out the birds, snakes, monkeys..
  10. Very cute! I'm so tempted to use my Pirata Cucciolo!!! I promised myself though, I would wait til' baby was born.
  11. I'll have to go to the store tomorrow and hopefully it is still there! I really want a good diaper bag because I have a 2 year old and one on the way. :smile:
  12. MamaxJam, where did you get the paradiso Cucciolo. You are in San Jose? I am in Sunnyvale...
  13. Did you mean Pirata? If so, I ordered it from Pulse. It was a really good deal too. Casey, one of the girls who works there extended a 20% off coupon that had already expired to me, and it was free shipping. I ended up paying about $150!

    I am in San jose. Nice to meet another toki fan near me!
  14. Cyntheria, Cucciolo would be perfect for you!
    Call them up and ask them to hold it for you just in case it got sold!
    MammaxJam, Sorry..I misread your post. I though you wrote Paradiso hehe...silly me! Yeah..nice to meet you too.
  15. OOOH! Cant wait to see pic of the foresta! That is my #3 choice! Let me know where it is if you decide not to get it.