Update - Coach Multi Strip Demi Return!!! a little long

  1. Okay (sorry so long)...I took the Multi Stripe Demi back to the Coach Store this morning. My favorite SA was there (Christine)! I went in, told them exactly what happened and they said "NO PROBLEM". :p They asked if I would like to look around or just get a refund. UGH...I KNEW I should've grabbed my money and run for it! HA!!! :nuts:THIS is what I came home with....(below)
    Christine assured me that I could take it home, try it on, etc. to see if I really am in love with it...if not, I can return it/exchange it. I KNEW I should've just kept it in the bag (so I wouldn't be tempted) and taken it back. But NOOOOOO...I HAD to take it out and fill it up with my things (keeping the tag ON this time - LOL). It is GORGEOUS!!!!! :drool: :heart: I just really don't know if I will be okay with spending $400 on that bag...especially when I REALLY want a Leather Legacy Shoulder Bag (or ALI) - although THIS one will hold EVERYTHING. But, actually I only spent $225 with my return, etc (I also had the multi stripe mini skinny to return w/it - NWT). So........what should I DO???? Should I keep the Carly and use it with pride? Should I return it and hold out for the Legacy? I can always get a Legacy later...or not?!?! UGH..>I am SOOOOO CONFUSED! Oh, BTW - I did first have her check about the POND Legacy in Shoulder Zip, Satchel & Demi....SOLD OUT :push:
    One more thing...I went to Macy's to see about the F&F discount. They have the Sig Multi Strip Tote that I ALMOST got instead of the Carly but I wanted the SINGLE strap instead of DOUBLE. So.... I COULD hold out till next week and get THAT instead of the Carly!?!?!
    Decisions, Decisions...PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!:shrugs::yes::shrugs:
    IMG_1221.JPG IMG_1222.JPG IMG_1223.JPG IMG_1224.JPG multistripetote.jpg
  2. i would totally keep that denim carly. i love it. i would buy one of my own if i wasn't so darn cheap! lol.
  3. I would keep the denim Carly as well. I think it looks really great on you.
  4. Well, that's MY problem, too...I am CHEAP! I LOVE it when I look at it, but I have this PIT in my stomach, too. I wonder if that will go away?!?! :smile: I just wonder if I should hold out...get something LESS expensive and wait till these go on eBay!?? The Coach SA told me she expects these to sell out very quickly. Of course, she could just be saying that?!?! Who knows. She ALSO said the bag looks great on me because I am tall. She said it would swallow shorter people, which I can totally see.

    P.S. I apologize...I did not mean to double post this info! The original thread was "Question for SAs....about Returns". If need be, please delete THIS thread!
  5. I love the multi-stripe, but that's just me. ;)
  6. Me, too. I LOVE the bright, cheery colors. ALthough, the Denim Carly seems like it will be much more versatile. Plus, the Carly has a zip top closure compared to the little hook on the Multi-STripe - I'm not really a fan of my purse dumping over and the contents going everywhere. LOL:rolleyes:
    But....at Macy's F&F I could get the Multi Stripe for WAYYYYY CHEAPER than the Carly! They didn't have any of the new Cotton Sig stuff today at Macy's. So.....should I wait and get a good deal or keep this beautiful piece??? I just don't want to spend $400 on a "Trendy" bag - is the Denim Carly TRENDY or more Classic?????
  7. why don't you get the medium carly, it's a bit cheaper! Oh and the friends/family at Macys is still about a week away, so they might get the carly in, you never know. BTW, Bloomies is doing a friends/family too I think starting May 5th and they carry Coach as well.
  8. I like the denim myself...but what will you used more? I just ordered the denim shoes with a carly denim wristlet.
  9. Well, I tried on the Medium Carly (with green trim) at the Coach Store just to compare the sizes. The strap is a bit short for me and if I am going to get one, I'd like to get a BIG one to hold EVERYTHING. I MAY hold onto this one - at least till F&F next week. Maybe I'll get lucky, and Macy's will have them in by then and I can get the best of both...the Denim Carly AND pay a lot less!!! :smile: We'll see....if it's meant to be....(fingers crossed)
  10. I think the denim Carly is cute, and I like it better then the multi stripe personally...

    The Denim is the one that my DH wants me to get - and he has pretty good taste in purses!! :nuts: LOL... I showed him the jade cotton, and he said No, looks too much like what a leprechaun would go for... :sad:

    So now I definately can't get the jade purse, because when he says things like that, he tortures me with them any time I bring the purse out!!!:smash: (I had to sell my Balenciaga Ink because he kept making inappropriate cowboy jokes... :cursing: )

    So I guess no matter how much I love the jade, I will be getting accesories only!! I do like the denim though!!
  11. i think that denim carly is definitely a classic bag. i agree with what someone said above that you should get the medium instead, since it's a little cheaper. i know you like to hold lots of things but i think the size of the medium might work for you!
  12. totally keep the carly! i :heart: the carly so much more than the multi stripe. if the price tag is really bothering you, then wait until the Macys F&F deal next week and see if they have the carly. if they do, return this one. oh and since it is very obvious you are wanting a large, don't compromise and get the medium!
  13. Thank you for telling me not to compromise on the size!! I was seriously considering it...even looking (just now) at a medium Denim Carly on eBay! i think you are right - I'll wait till next week for the F&F to see if they have the Denim Carly's. If they do...it's meant to be!!!! If not, then I'll still have some deciding to do :p
    The hard part will be putting this one away. It's SOOOOOO PRETTY! But....I MUST PRACTICE SELF CONTROL! :nuts:
  14. Love the Carly! It looks great on you, and it will hold a ton. I like it much better than the multi-color strip purse. I think the Carly will be more of a classic and hard to find later.
  15. oh i know it's gorgeous...and i'm not a fan of denim anything unless it's jeans! i'm totally tempted to check out the large denim instead of the large khaki. i am really liking the jade cotton as well, but that is definately just a summer bag.