**UPDATE!** Coach jeans! What a deal!

  1. Well I did hear that Coach was coming out with jeans-not that I'm saying these are it, I just don't know. Either way, they aren't for me, so not my style!
  2. :wtf:
  3. I don't think even Coach would charge that much for jeans...
  4. I thought I read that they would be over $700...(and I thought it was on this forum)-but I could be wrong :shrugs:
  5. I think the style is FUN!!! Just a bit pricey!!
  6. If they made real jeans with legacy pockets that would be cute. But these...ewww yuck! I like it simple when it comes to jeans.
  7. I think the OP is making a joke lol !
  8. I'm pretty sure these jeans are real. They were a limited edition of only 100 made for Coach's 65th Anniversary. I don't know what the original retail price was, though. Why anyone would pay this much for jeans, especially ones like this, is beyond me! Someone posted here recently that she was in Coach looking at the book of new stuff that will be coming out and there were jeans for $700. Crazy! :nuts:
  9. These jeans are hideous anyway, 1300 for a pair of jeans?? and 40 for shipping?? I am gonna watch the item, I'd like to see if someone buys them.
  10. LOL.. WOW is all i can say... <shaking head> :roflmfao: IMO, those are UGLY!
  11. Bleh. A bit too much for me, both style and price wise. I also am just a simple jean girl...but I'd like to know what the deal is on these, are we thinking they're real?
  12. :nogood::yucky: WOW
  13. I was going to say those are fake lol but I remember seeing them in the Madison Ave boutique on 57th a while ago! My are they hideous!! i think they had worse jeans than that too