Update- can you get flagged for too many returns?

  1. Hi everyone-

    Last night I returned the Heritage XL Satchel and I was chatting with a SA. I asked if the Camel Mini Lily was still on backorder because I was still thinking of getting one. She said there were 324 in stock, but based on their popularity she said I should get it as soon as possible and if I didn't like it I could always bring it back.

    I said I was afraid one day I would walk into the boutique and it would flash across the screen "DO NOT SELL TO HER" because of all my returns. She laughed and said that would only happen if I had too many returns with no receipt. I said "yes, but I do that all the time if I am too lazy to look in my BIG box of receipts, particularly if I know I am doing an exchange and not a return". Then she said "no, but we all know you shop in here all the time. This type of flag would be for people who purchase at a dept. store and try to return them here repeatedly."

    So, for those of us that are worried it doesn't look like it would happen. Just wanted to give you an update.
  2. How would they know if it's from a department store though? I never bought Coach at a dept. store so I wouldn't know.
  3. In some cases people used to buy items on clearance, rip the tags off, then return to Coach for FULL store credit. Another like example is buying off eBay then returning it. I am not sure how they can "tell" unless it was a dept. store item only. I would think they wouldn't accept those, but I know that sometimes you can convince a manager to do it if you want an exchange.

    Sorry, I am not sure.
  4. So they still accept returns when there are no tags? Honestly I don't think Coach should allow that. For store credit they should only allow you to have a receipt if no tags or tags attached w/ no receipt. I think it would lessen the scams. Don't you think? Oh well, at least I know they could flag suspicous people. Thanks for the info!
  5. Not sure if the entire tag is ripped off or just any trace of the department store sticker and writing if it is clearanced marked by hand.
  6. thanks for the info........
  7. I was worried about this, too. Because our store doesn't get in any of the more elite items (my SA said they won't ever get the med Lily unless someone orders it and returns it to the store). And the fact that I live an hour away from the store. My option sometimes it to order and decide after-the-fact. They may not flag me from buying again, but I'm sure they get annoyed with it. Well, since they don't work on commission, maybe not so much. Good to know :tup:
  8. I would like to think that before they ban someone, they put a little effort into it -- they're able to pull up every transaction someone has had, and if you're returning lots of bags that you never bought, that should signal a red flag. Even if they're gifts, you should still have a gift receipt, at least for some of them. So many people abuse the system that they have to do something to protect themselves, but I hope there's a little investigative work first.
  9. Thanks for sharing this info. I try to work with the same SAs and always keep my tags on and receipt if I'm not sure about a bag. I still feel bad if I have to return at times, but they even will tell me "Use your PCE now and then you can return it if you decide it isn't right for you."

    I think it stinks that people try to abuse Coach's awesome return/exchange policy. If that keeps happening, they'll end up changing it and that will impact a lot of loyal customers.
  10. There was a young couple returning a large Carly for credit and the new SA there was processing the return. My SA excused herself to go over and have a talk w/ them. They did process the return and when my SA came back she told me that they bring bags back all the time.

    She told me that they were having problems with people buying stuff, using it, and returning it as if it were unused/new.

    I'm not worried for me, tho, since I rarely return and my SA knows me....when I do need to return it's no big.
  11. I live 4 hours from a boutique and unfortunately have to buy site unseen almost 99% of the time. So, I'm sure I have a few more returns than normal but most of the time my returns include receipts and always with tags still attached. Plus most of the time I just exchange rather than return for a refund. I worried about being flagged too for too many returns but it looks like as long as I have the tags still attached and have the receipts, I'm safe.
  12. I was starting to wonder about this myself. But my returns always have the tag attached and always have a receipt. But as we've stated before some SA's are nicer about returns than others.
  13. I'm sure it shoes the address of the store the item was bought at or there is a code and i'm sure the know the codes off by heart.
  14. We take tags off in the store however, so this could/would probably never happen. Trust me we know when things are "gifts" or when people just buy a lot from dept. stores and bring them in to try and get full price for them.