Update: BE Love Me Mini in *Glossy* Apple Green

  1. Sorry for all the posts - but I think I'm a little excited! There is a new apple green leather in town and her name is "glossy"!

    This was what I received from Ashley at BE this morning:
    So yes, it is possible to request a glossy finish for the apple green. If
    you think that other people will love it just as much as you do, then
    wonderful! Spread the word on the custom order.

    I think the glossy finish would look great in the LMM and I don't think we
    could have said it a better way than you. The small size would allow the
    glossy finish to POP!, and especially with the silver hardware.

    So it is definitely cool to post the picture that I sent you. Hopefully you
    will get a good response and we will be able to cut that perfect handbag of
    yours :smile:

    After going back and forth on the mustard (which I am sure is a thick, chewy,lovely yellow) and the matte apple green, I think this may be the leather I would love for an LMM.

    So the color green below (it's an older TMA in small, I think), with the Love Me Mini style and silver hardware.

    Anyone? Anyone? :p
    637 Apple green2_2.jpg
  2. I'm not a "green" fan, but this one reminds me of a delicious granny smith apple!!!

    And I think the LMM would look delicious in the glossy green with SH. :yes:
  3. Oh I totally agree Contessa. I think a LMM in apple green would be to die for!
  4. Thanks for the support, gals...I'm not in a huge rush to get this bag (gotta stash away some funds!), but it's exciting to think about the possibilities! :yes:
  5. ^^ what date are we looking at? I could be in if its not right away...need to pay off the other bags first lol
  6. I'm definitely in for the glossy apple green if we will have it in time for spring/summer. Any idea how long the wait would be between ordering and delivery?
  7. I'll check, gals, and get back to you!
  8. i like the apple green color a lot. Its nice to see designers branching out more into color these days!
  9. For anyone interested, I received some new information from Jackie. She is checking the current inventory of glossy apple green leather and will get back to me but here is what she said so far:

    1. Cost of the bag is the same $595 as the list price of the other LMMs
    2. She just requires a deposit for the LMM, but she can get the leather ordered, then create and send the bag in whatever time frame is suitable for the customer (which is so great!). So we could have them in April/May or whenever.
    3. Delivery time for each bag would basically depend on point #2, but she said that it wouldn't take that long to create once the leather has been cut.

    Hope that helps! Please let me know if you are still interested (even if it's a future purchase - way, way in the future LOL!). :yes:
  10. i def might be on board for a far future purchase....
  11. same. far far far far far away
  12. OK LOL! I'll let Jackie know :smile: - she must understand having to save pennies...:yes:!

    Can I just say that I'm very proud of how us BE gals are both fashion- and budget- conscious? We are very smart, indeed!
  13. i really want one but i might bow out because of my sad sad bank account
  14. Don't worry,sara...I see another BE in your future, for sure! :smile::heart:
  15. Oh it is very cute, love the color...very spring!