UPDATE: Balenciaga at Nordstrom

  1. I just spoke to my Nordstrom SA and she found out today that Balenciaga has sent ALL the Blue India bags that they are going to send out already. Which means, essentially, that they received TWO Part-Time bags and one First (or there is one First left, anyway). NO CITIES!!! So if you have been on the wait list for this one in the City, you may be out of luck. My Part-Time is going back, though, so whoever is next on the wait list for that one should be able to order it around the first of next week. Cheers! :upsidedown:
  2. Actually, I think there were 3 part-times b/c I was the third.

    I just sent back my BI part-time, only b/c I love my new (to me) teal city. They are so close in color, I couldn't justify keeping it.
  3. I got my first from them, it is really veiny so I will return it as well :crybaby:
  4. Does this mean that Balenciaga will no longer be manufacturaing ANY BI bags this season, period? Or are they just not sending anymore out to Nordie's?
  5. I don't think they manufacture more. My guess is that the retail stores decide what colors/styles to order at the appropriate time for that season, and then Balenciaga makes them to order and then that's it ... or is there a second chance for retailers once they figure out what is popular during that season? I dunno.

    It's so interesting how close the Blue India color is to the Teal. I love Blue India ... the color grows on me more each day.
  6. P.S. I got this impression from talking to an SA at BalNY today - she said she hadn't seen the BalNY "Buying sheets" yet for next season's colors/styles yet. From her description, the "Buying sheets" give the details of how many bags they ordered in each style & color. Also, I've seen posts referring to the fact that SA's at BalNY have told people they are "putting their orders in" with Balenciaga now for the next season. It all seems to point to a one-order-per-season kind of model.
  7. thanks for the info fiatflux:heart:
  8. was there today...they have ALOT of bags in stock...great leather...probably going back to fondle them some more tommorrow