Update-Availability of Wall Street Scarf

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  1. I know there was a thread in February about this scarf. Are there any left at the Wall Street store? What colors?

    I am moving to NY in two weeks and would like to have this to wear in NY!

  2. Best thing is to call the actual store
  3. Call both stores because I saw in WS the turq and orange cw, and at the Madison store the black cw.
  4. I saw it at Bergdorf Goodman a few weeks ago, too, in the white w/ bright colors and possibly other CWs. Their scarf turnover seems to be pretty slow as I bought a scarf from 2005 when I was there. It might be worth a trip to see what they have. Good luck!
  5. I asked the SA at Bergdorfs about this before and she rolled her eyes and said that the store has a liberal return policy. :sad:
  6. FYI and anyone else interested the Wall Street store still had all three colorways when I was there last week. Also, they said they might reissue the bulls and bears ties.
  7. *excited!* Do you know when this might happen? My SO is looking for one...
  8. ^^
    Sorry, I think she said fall, but maybe you could call the store. I love those ties! But my fiance won't wear them, only more abstract ones. I'm crazy about the bulls and bears, I wish they'd do that pattern in a pocket square.
  9. I´m hating that this is only available in the US.
  10. :yahoo: DH was so disppointed when the recent search turned up nothing. Can't wait!
  11. could someone post or PM me a picture of the scarf so I can see the pattern please? (I'm intrigued!:shame:smile: