UPDATE!! Arrest made!! CHEVY can finally RIP!

  1. I just read this from the St. Paul Minnesota News Paper. An arrest has been made in the unthinkable Beheading of a 17 year olds therapy dog.

    Suspect's arrest eases fears of girl whose dog was beheaded:

    Crystal Brown hopes that her nightmares will stop now that St. Paul police have arrested the man they believe decapitated her therapy dog and left its head in a gift box on her doorstep.

    On Thursday, police recovered evidence that connects the man to the crime, Sgt. Jim Gray said. "He admitted to being there [when the dog was beheaded]," Gray said.
    The suspect, 24, was jailed Thursday on suspicion of making terroristic threats. The Star Tribune isn't using his name because he hasn't yet been charged; that may happen as early as today and could include animal cruelty charges as well.
    "I think I can sleep a lot better now," Crystal, 17, said Thursday night. "It will make me feel way safer. Now we can walk around the whole block."
    For three weeks, Crystal and her grandmother, Shirley Brown, have lived in fear of the suspect, who lives in the Rice Street-area neighborhood.
    Police also are investigating whether others were involved in the crime, which has generated national media attention and an outpouring of sympathy for Crystal in the form of cards, checks and gifts from people around the world.
    A world turned upside down
    Crystal was devastated last month when Chevy, her 4-year-old Australian shepherd mix, left the house and couldn't be found. She considered the brown-eyed dog her best friend, and leaned on him for comfort and support.
    Two weeks after Chevy disappeared, a gift box arrived at the front door addressed to Crystal. Inside, she found valentine candy scattered about and a garbage bag containing Chevy's head.
    The suspect is a man whom Crystal had once befriended.
    "He really has no one," she said. "He has no friends. I felt sorry for him."
    He wanted Crystal to be his girlfriend. But she didn't want that, she said.
    The family immediately suspected him in Chevy's killing. "I didn't know what he would do next," Shirley Brown said. "I wanted to stay awake in case someone came in."
    Chevy's body was found in a park, and homicide investigators took on the case because of the implied threat against Crystal. She said she was more scared for her new puppy than for herself.
    But she said that she tired of the ache inside as she lay in bed each night, imagining what Chevy's last moments were like.
    "That dog was her heart and soul," said Shirley Brown. "She's never related to people. She's been so hurt by others ... Her father abandoned her. Her mother has had problems with drugs."
    Said Crystal: "I was always the delinquent child that nobody wanted or liked. I didn't have friends. I lived in a tough neighborhood. I really didn't want to be a tough person. But I made my own problems."
    Crystal went through a drug phase, and has been diagnosed with depression. She has bipolar disorder and attention deficit disorder, her grandmother said. Crystal "had so many problems that people didn't want her around," Shirley Brown said. "She just needed a push in the right direction and a firm hand."
    And Crystal needed Chevy.
    "He and I had a lot of history together," Crystal said. "He listened. And he never stopped listening."
    Losing Chevy turned her world inside out. Life was harsh; people seemed cruel.
    The touch of humanity
    But sitting at the kitchen table this week, Crystal opened stacks of cards, letters and gifts sent from people around the world.
    The story was covered on radio and TV and in newspapers across the country. The TV show "America's Most Wanted" posted the case on its website, the first time in recent memory that it had featured a crime against a dog.
    "It was cruel and beyond the unusual," said Christopher Brown, the show's managing editor. And anyone capable of such a crime might easily turn next time to people, he said.
    A $2,500 reward offered by the Humane Society of the United States quickly mushroomed with donations, growing to $20,000.
    "This by far was the biggest response to a reward that we've initiated," said Dale Bartlett, the Humane Society's deputy manager for animal cruelty issues.
    Reading the letters and opening packages sent from people around the country and from as far as Australia -- heartfelt notes, photos of pets, dog toys and treats, gift cards and checks -- Crystal and Shirley Brown were touched by the kindness of strangers. "I don't think everybody is bad anymore," Crystal said. "This is so amazing. ... It makes me feel inspired. People can make a difference."
  2. *ugh* I really hope he spends the rest of his life in jail. What kind of freak does this?!
  3. How wonderful that they (hopefully) figured out who it was and that they don't need to live in fear anymore. I hope the guy gets the harshest sentence possible, and at least he won't be loose and a threat to other animals and people anymore. That poor girl will never forget what happened, but hopefully this makes her feel a little more at peace and will enable her to move on.
  4. WTF?!?!?! What kind of person would do something like this?? That is so disgusting and sad...I feel so bad for that puppy...Oh man, I feel sick now
  5. America's Most Wanted is such a great show! (And I love how Animal Cruelty cases are included.)

    I think it's wonderful that the sicko has been arrested, and it really shows what type of person Crystal is. If I were in her position I'd be wishing death on that guy on a daily basis.

    I thin it's great that there's been such an outpouring of love for her and that she has a new puppy. THe puppy won't replace Chevy, of course, but hopefully it'll ease her pain a little.
  6. Wow - some people can be so cruel. :sad:
  7. I just shudder at the thought of what that poor dog's last moments were like :sad:
  8. Omgosh!! That poor dog. How can people do such a thing? That evil :cursing: should spend the rest of his life in jail.
  9. I really hope that they got the right person. Anyone that could do something like that to an animal is just 1 step away from killing people.
  10. I know, it makes me sick to my stomach...
  11. :mad: Just read the afternoon issue of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. They name the accused as an "ex-boyfriend". Figures...

    What a major sicko..I hope the Mother F'er gets his just punishment!

    Here's the entire updated update just released:

    A St. Paul man charged Friday with killing a girl's companion dog because the girl had spurned his attentions had a cell phone with video clips showing the dog being decapitated with a chain saw, according to a criminal complaint.

    Anthony Albert Gomez, 24, at first denied any involvement in the death of "Chevy", an Austrialian Shepard mix, but later told police that he instigated others to do it, telling them to "cut its head off" and to do it with a chain saw, the complaint states.
    The dog was apparently dead at the time of the beheading, police said.
    Gomez was an ex-boyfriend of Crystal Brown, 17, the dog's owner, and told her he had seen the dog near his house after it went missing in February, the complaint states.
    Gomez told police that Crystal Brown was present during the decapitation, but the girl denied any participation when questioned by police. The girl's grandmother, Shirley Brown, said Crystal was horribly upset at the accusation and has offered to take a lie detector test.
    Gomez was arrested Thursday while police executed a search warrant in his home in the 100 block of Granite Street. Police found evidence of blood splatter in the basement of his house. Gomez, 24, was charged in Ramsey County District Court with one count of killing a companion animal and one count of animal cruelty done to threaten or terrorize another person.

    **Notice..the f'er has the nerve to state the dogs owner was present at the horrible event...he should get double time just for making that bizarre accusation!**:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  12. I think that the EVIL SCUM that did this to that poor innocent dog & girl should be beheaded!!! If he is capable of doing such an evil heartless act then there is NO hope for him IMHO. This story is shocking and I cried for that poor doggy & owner when I read the story..Very disturbing.
  13. Happy and sad new isnt it? I truly believe in an eye for an eye, so when is his beheading? I would like to witness that.
  14. ^^ I would too ... this is by far the sickest thing I've ever read. :cursing:
  15. If you're the witness, can I be the executioner? :cursing:

    Disgusting low-life scum. Animals don't even treat each other in this way. I pray that he goes away for a long time and gets punished every single day he's there for doing what he did (and you know exactly what I mean by "punished"). If I were a judge, I would try to put him away for the rest of his life. Someone like this has no business in society.

    I'm glad it's over.