Update and answers to some Coach questions

  1. Hi all. I've been MIA for 48 hours (although probably most of you haven't noticed). To be honest, I'm not sure I'm going to be on here much. This was always a "happy place" for me away from a lot of problems I am having in my life. Lately, that seems to have changed and I'm not sure how I feel. I am going out of town tomorrow for my interview and don't know if I'll even have internet access or not while I am gone. I'll be home Mon evening and I guess I'll see how I feel then.

    I did want to answer some questions I saw posted on here just now. For the discussion of the small heritage tote on eBay, my pilot bag also had the hot pink printing instead of the white. It didn't click in my head that part of the bag was different (as was the dogleash clip closure) until I saw the post just now. I went to the pics on my phone (still haven't found my old or bought a new card reader for the micro SD card in it) and reviewed them. I will post pics if I ever get a card reader or find the other one. So no I don't think the one on there is fake if the creed has a P at the end.

    I am stopping by a couple of outlets while in MD/DE. I have some stuff on hold. No Ali but some Bleeker stuff. I have that Coach credit plus DH insists I get a little something because I can get to a good outlet relatively easy there. He says my ban can start afterwards. Although seeing pics of the upcoming new khaki sig wristlet with the pink trim makes me quiver inside :drool::love:.

    Everyone have a good weekend.
  2. I hope you find what you're looking for. Good luck!
  3. Hey, I was wondering where you were ! I wouldn't let a few little incidents make you stay away, This can still be a happy place and serve as a distraction from the sadness,stress and pitfalls of real life. Honestly all of whatever happened went right over my head. And it is fun to talk about purses, where else can you do that ? Also purses and accessories should be fun and not taken so seriously so just have fun. I want to know about your outlet experiences, please post description and pics. I am on a ban so I must live vicariously !
  4. Tanukki:

    I hope you have a great time on your Outlet Trip. I myself am heading over to my outlet next week. I don't know what transpired but don't let it get to you. I look
    forward to your posts so don't be a stranger. All the best of luck to you. Liz
  5. I was also wondering where you had disappeared to! Have fun at the outlets and good luck on your interview!!
  6. tanukiki~
    I noticed that you were "missing in action"...was hoping everything was ok...I have never seen you disappear that long.
    Good luck to your at your interview...
    Just remember, we will all be here waiting for you in the "HAPPY COACH PLACE".
    Hope you find what your looking for at the OUTLETS.
    Let us know what happens...
    Again, we will be here waiting for you!
  7. Thanks for clarification on the pilot bag :yes:

    Have a safe trip, best of luck with your interview, and enjoy those outlets :yahoo:
  8. tanukiki, good luck with your interview:yes:... and hurry back with your goodies:graucho:
  9. Good luck on your interview! I hope things get better for you real soon, dont be a stranger. You know we'll all be here for you if and when you come back.;)
  10. well.. I totally noticed!!!! :nuts:

    I hope you have a great interview and get some great Bleecker stuff at the outlets! Come back and show us what you get. You DO deserve it!!
  11. good luck on the interview, i hope you land it! have fun at the outlets pet some stuff and drool over all the pretties for me. hehehe. can't wait to see the pics. and im new here so i don't know what happened...but you will be missed if you stay away. :[[
  12. Wishing you all the best with your job interview, Tanukiki!! I'm not sure what transpired here on the Coach forum but all I can say is to not let the drama keep you from posting. I've always found your postings to be quite informative, friendly, and charming.
  13. Good Luck with your interview!!! Have fun shopping the outlets and I agree with Expy00, don't let the drama keep you from posting! :yes: Hope to hear from you when you get back.;)
  14. Good luck on your interview, and I hope you find lots of great stuff at the outlets! :tup: Hopefully you will come back and be with us.. it's a great place to be, but no place is completely perfect all the time. :flowers:
  15. "Coach Is My Crack"!!! Oh...you must come back!! How many places can you say that without people just walking away? I think you're great. I'm still really new on here, but I always enjoy and value what you have to say! Good Luck on your interview!:smile: