Update and a question about my paypal claim

  1. http://forum.purseblog.com/ebay-forum/help-i-bought-a-fake-fendi-spy-ebay-136558.html Well...the good news is I finally WON my claim (I bought a fake fendi spy on eBay) I got a e-mail from paypal saying to ship the bag to them and they will refund my money. Will they send the bag back to the seller or no? Reason I'm asking is because I recieved a threatening e-mail from my seller saying basically she knows where I live and she's gonna come get me if she doesn't get her bag back. Sigh. I just don't get people....she gets busted selling a fake bag and now she's pissed at me about it???
  2. Oh, that is horrible! First of all, I'd report her to eBay--both for selling fakes and for threatening customers--and try to get any information you can from them (her address, phone number, etc.). Print out her email and save it, because you can use it to report her to your local police AND the police in her area as well.

    Then, you can write the seller and let her know you've reported her to eBay for selling a fake and for threatening you, AND that you have given copies of her threatening email to your local and her local police departments, so someone may contact her from the police. Let her know that you don't take threats lightly and won't hesitate to bring law enforcement into the picture if necessary.

    edit: Also, I'd ship the bag to Paypal, if they are refunding your money. Let them know she is threatening you, too. The more people you tell, the worse it will be for her.
  3. Empty threats. Great, she knows where you live. Tell her to come pick up her fake bag.

    And also chime in with the fact that selling fake bags as authentic is not only morally wrong, but a bit illegal.
  4. Yikes, please make sure you report that threat to the police, just to be on the safe side. People are nuts, especially some of the folks that sell fake bags, that is spoken from first hand experience!
  5. She's blowing smoke and she's pretty dumb for making threats to you.

    I agree with Luna. Tell her since she knows where you live then bring you your damn money and you'll give her back her junk.

    Otherwise, send the bag to PayPal as they've requested. I don't know if they'll send it back to her or confiscate it since it's a fake (if they have the authority to do that). Either way, I am sure that PayPal has been in contact with her and they've told her what to expect. You're going to get your refund so what happens to the bag really isn't your problem. It's hers.