*UPDATE* Alouette? Did you deliver? *YES, she did!!*

  1. Where are you Hon? Update us!!
  2. Bump!! Any news??
  3. bumpity bump!:biggrin:
  4. So sorry guys! I've been sooo tired lately!

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I delivered!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sep 27 at 10:25am. Long story short I was supposed to have been induced for the second time on the 24th but I got bumped b/c there were too many active laboring women in the hospital. Well two days later I started getting these contractions I've never felt before..the kind that wrapped around my back. I thought to myself this was new and they were getting stronger to the point where I started profusely sweating and couldn't talk through them. My DH took me to the hospital and they sent me up to OB triage where they said I was to be admitted. I got my room and shortly thereafter, an epidural. Fast forward to the middle of the night around 4a and my doc broke my water. Then the epi started to wear off on my right side where the doc had to come back and administer more drugs. Ok so fast forward to the following morning, Thurs. I'm fully dilated and 100% effaced. I'm ready to go. They have me start to push..everything is fine until............my freakin' epidural wears off COMPLETELY! It was as if I had never gotten one in the first place! I now have a new respect for women who deliver w/o epidurals..it was :wtf::wtf:. Words can not describe the pain so I definitely demanded the doc return to my room and hit me up w/ more drugs. Once again, after 15 min's, my left side felt good but I still felt everything on my right side. Once again, doc returned and then I got more drugs. I was pushing for 3 hours until they determined that Owen was in a transverse position and stuck against my pubic bone. :crybaby:

    I had to go in for a C-section since I also had a temp of 101.5. Everything turned out wonderfully and he's just perfect!!!! I'm healing quite well but it's still an ongoing process. It is frustrating not to be able to do a lot since I'm recuperating.

    Stats: 8 lbs even, 20 1/2 in and eats like a champ......good for him, bad for my ta-ta's!!!

    Here's a pic that I could scrounge up:
  5. Omg, what an adorable picture. Congrats!
  6. He's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
  7. OH my gosh! That is one gorgeous baby!!!!
  8. Awww ... Owen is adorable! I am glad everything turned out to be fine. Hope you recover quickly and uneventfully!

  9. He's beautiful!!! Congratulations! Good luck on your recovery.
  10. omg another boy!! congrats on the beautiful baby!
  11. Congratulations! Owen is a gorgeous little boy!!! :biggrin: Sorry to hear you had a rough delivery.. but it's good to know you and baby are doing well now!!
  12. Congratulations on the new addition to the family!!
  13. What an adorable boy! Congratulations!!
  14. OMG!!!!!! He is so stinkin' gorgeous! He's just perfect! I'm sorry it didn't go as smoothly as we all hoped it would but congrats on delivering a perfect baby boy!
  15. What a cutie you've got there!! Congrats!