***UPDATE***About the Chelsea Satchel!!!

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  1. Wooohooo!!!! I'm so excited, and of course I have to let my fellow Coachies know....... I don't have to wait another month before I get my Black Chelsea Satchel!!!!!! I will probably get it within the next two weeks!!!!!!!!! Eeeek!!!
  2. Was just reading your other thread- LOL....it was cute. Glad you get to order sooner!! I think the satchel is a good choice!
  3. Good for you LA , enjoy your new bag!:flowers:
  4. yay, LA!!!! GREAT choice!!!! I love that satchel and cant wait to see her on you!!!!!!!! I hope you get her real soon!!!
  5. yeah I hope so to.. new bags are so exciting!!
  6. Thats a great choice for you....It will fit you perfect:tup:
  7. That's great! :yahoo:

    Looking forward to seeing pics :tup:
  8. YAY!!! I am so happy for you! I know you will love her!
  9. Yay!! A classy bag for a classy girl!!:tup:
  10. so how did you convince the hubby on getting it sooner ?? do you have to give up any bags or just add to collection??
  11. yay! :yahoo: I LOVE that bag, I am soo excited for you!!! Can't wait to see pics when you get that beauty, congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  12. I'm not selling anymore bags...it made me too sad to do that before, and I love all of the bags I have now. I wouldn't be able to say goodbye to any of the bags I have now....actually, he said we'd have the extra money a little sooner than expected...so I'm excited:nuts:
  13. Thanks, you guys are all sooo sweet!!!
  14. :heart:

    aww thats awesome.:love:. are you going to get a wallet to match ?? :heart:
  15. thats exciting! congrats! it is a great looking bag!