UPDATE:1 week with my rescue GSD. Do you think she's happy?!

  1. Just thought I'd show a few pics of how Sasha is doing - one week on from being rescued from the RSPCA. She has settled in beautifully - well mannered, obedient, very affectionate now and - as you will see from the photos - VERY playful!

    She will play 'ball' all day long. Last night we made up a new game together - I was on my laptop and growing tired of constantly throwing the ball that she kept bringing back to me. She always drops it onto the sofa and waits for me to pick it up, nudging it with her nose or paw if I delay. My hand was on the sofa, about a foot away from the deposited ball, so she pushed it into my hand - with a punt from her paw! I didn't want to throw it again, so I rolled it back and she grabbed it in her jaws. Then she punted it back to me with her nose. We then began a long game of 'roll the ball', back and forth. It was really funny to watch her eyes and almost see the thought processes going on in her mind :roflmfao:

    The first photo is one we took of Sasha whilst she was still in the shelter (on one of our 'walk' visits). The following four photos show the demise of a rubber chicken. Just cracks me up seeing the look on the chicken's face!

    RIP rubber chicken... :crybaby:
    09-09-07Crystal2 resize.jpg 27-09-07_1858sasha chicken2resize.jpg 27-09-07_1859sash chicken 4resize.jpg 27-09-07_1900sasha chickenresize.jpg 27-09-07_1901sash chicken 3resize.jpg
  2. She is gorgeous!
  3. What a beautiful girl. Yes, she does look very happy.
  4. The pictures made me LOL...she is amazing, and so happy, yes. You are a good rescue mom.
  5. Oh, yes, I'd say Sasha is in heaven!
  6. She is gorgeous!
  7. Thanks all. I love her to bits!
  8. Gorgeous!! German shephard right???
  9. Wow, she is beautiful!!!! And, she looks like she is in doggy heaven!!!
  10. I love the story...sounds like you are having some fun together!! She sounds like a wonderful dog!!!
  11. oh she's so pretty!!!! I bet she feels lucky to have a great rescue mom!
  12. She's so beautiful! And she looks so happy! :smile:
  13. Yep, German Shepherd :yes:

    All going well apart from one (major) problem - separation anxiety. She follows me around the house and the minute I leave, she barks and howls.

    I have been off work this last week and have another week to go. I work from home anyway, so thought I wouldn't have a problem with leaving a dog for a few hours - usually 2 -4max. But this is nothing to do with length of time and everything to do with being parted from me - even for a second!

    Of course I can understand that she probably fears being abandoned again. But I need to get her through this - for both our sakes. Even if I never worked again, I would have to leave house occasionally - for shopping etc!

    Tomorrow will start putting her in the kitchen, away from me, for short periods during the day. She is happy sleeping outside my bedroom, which I did from day 1, in spite of the temptation to cuddle her in my bed :angel:.

    Apart from this problem, she really is a perfect dog! Well, that and her pulling like a train on the lead, but I am dealing with that. Separation anxiety, by it's very nature, is so hard to deal with as the owner (by default) is not on hand to correct the behaviour!!.

    Any suggestions welcome. It tears me up to see this beautiful, loving girl suffering like this :crybaby:
  14. First, congratulations. Your Sasha is a beautiful and smart dog. Regarding her separation anxiety, have you watched Cesar Millan's show or read his book? He says that one mistake we have is that we love our pets too much and we humanize them. He emphasizes that we, as dog owners need to be pack leaders, and we have to provide 3 things: exercise, discipline and affection. The problem is that when a dog owner loves to much and provides only affection, this is when the dog become unbalanced. I hope you can get hold of his DVD or book because he really makes sense and seeing him how he handles the dogs, from timid to rabid, is really amazing.
  15. Congrats!! What a sweety! She'll be your best friend for many years to come....and yes...she's DEFINETLY beyond Happy!:tup: