UPDATE #1: LV DRAMA of the year...

  1. Hi guys!

    Well first of all, I'd like to thank all of you who took the time to read the dramatic story of my worst experience at LV Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive. Thank you for all the advice, kind words and support. Taking time out of your day to make mine a little better means the world :yes: .

    Well for those of you who haven't heard about or read the story, and I know there's only a few of you out there ;) , here's a link to the thread:

    Ok, now on with the update. I received a call from the Leather Goods manager around 10:00am. I'm glad the SA and AM addressed the issue early in the morning, this makes me realize that this matter is extremely urgent to them and not just me. I explained the whole story to the manager, beginning with the shipping ordeal and ending with the fact that I was purposefully mislead by an SA, he couldn't apologize enough.

    He first began by exlpaining to me how difficult heat-stamping is and the precision and accuracy that is needed for a person to successfully heat-stamp a speedy (blah.. blah.. blah). I knew then that my original speedy was abused and damaged. What happened was that an SA (one who has never even stamped a speedy! :rant: ) tried to stamp my purse and didn't account for the D-ring on the inside of the purse. He damaged my purse and didn't know what to do. The manager continues on to tell me that the SA who called me to inform me that my purse was ready to be picked up, was the one who decided to resolve this issue by simply stamping a new purse on the right-hand tab and not the left. What makes me so upset was that when she called me to tell it was ready, she had the opportunity to be honest, yet she tried to cover her mistake up. I told the manager that I feel very deceived by the SA who called me and offended that she would even think that I wouldn't figure out that this wasn't my purse.

    The manager again apologizes for everything and agrees that I was wrongfully treated by the SAs. He tells me that he has my purse and asks if I want him ship it to a repair center in the United States to have the tab removed and replaced with a new one. He said that it would be over-nighted to the repair center and worked on as a priority. Of course this is what I want. :yes: Knowing that he has the French speedy that my bf gave me, and that it will be repaired up to my standards is what I needed to know. I asked him to find out how long it would take to be repaired and to get back to me either today or tomorrow.

    He also wanted to make sure that this is what I want to happen and if there was anything else he could do. I told him yes, I wanted the purse to be repaired, but I also said, "I appreciate that you are taking immediate action to repair my purse, but what you are doing is actually the bare minimum. This doesn't change that fact that I am completely stressed out and upset about this situation. Louis Vuitton, as any other luxury goods store, carries a certain level of expectation. And you failed to meet this level with me and I feel that I should be compensated in some way for all the problems his store has caused me." He replied, ".. I totally agree with you."

    I then said "So, you can think about what I've said, and take any actions accordingly." He said he'd be in contact with me as soon as he finds out how many days/weeks it'll take to get my purse back and that he'd speak with another department (the name went right over my head) about "making things right." I really don't know what this means. But I am glad he didn't disagree with anything I said. So now I'll wait to hear more news about my purse tomorrow.

    Sheesh, my update story is almost aslong as my dramatic story :biggrin: Thanks for reading again guys! I promise to update again once this whole thing is completely resolved. Until then, keep shopping :lol: !!

    :heart: JOHO
  2. congrats!!
  3. Augh, thank god they're actually doing something right ! I hope that means VIP gifts and the such. ;)
  4. You GO JOHO! I love what you said to him!
  5. Good!! I'm glad they were honest (finally) and you will get your original bag back!!
  6. I'm so sorry what you had to go thru!! I'm glad that the truth finally came out on your original bag. Keep us updated!!
  7. I am so glad they are resolving this issue for you and you will be getting your original bag back.
  8. Good for you and wonderful to know that the AM did a great job handling your case. I would've made him to drag that SA out to apologise to me if I were you! Damaging the bag and intentionally deceiving you... icks!
  9. Man, you stayed so calm when you were talking to him! I would have definitely flipped out!

    And ooh, they'll make things right! Hopefully that means presents!

    Good luck! Glad everything has started to work out right for you!
  10. What exactly are you thinking the compensation should be?
  11. you go girl! haha! i'm glad you added the tidbit at the end, they should know that not everything will just be ok, and that they DO need to meet the quality.
    i'm glad that they're doing this for you!! :smile:
  12. Oh I'm so glad to hear about this update!

    I'm sure he can expidite everything in a reasonable timely manner.

    I'm like in shock that those associates over there could pull something like that... WHAT are they thinking? Not only did they embarass themselves, but the company too.... (I truly hope the manager takes actions.)

    I feel like calling over there to that store and saying "ARE YOU NUTTS, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING...."
  13. best of luck and stay strong!
  14. That's awesome!!! And I love your take charge attitude, especially: "So, you can think about what I've said, and take any actions accordingly." :yes: :yes: :yes:
  15. LOL. congrats! That was a nice statement u mentioned! I like it!