***Upcoming Vernis Colors/Models!***

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  1. I thought that I would make a special thread for all of my Vernis LVoers. I know that there are a couple of new Vernis colors expected for Spring/Summer.

    Just wanted to know if anyone had any information/pictures to share! :nuts:
  2. Don't have any info but can't wait to see pictures!!!
  3. Vernis is my favorite line!
  4. oh i have a feeling this is going to be one longggggg thread that will keep us all on the edge of our seats
  5. Oh no!!!!!
  6. Any rumors on colors or styles?
  7. I yet to own a Vernis piece. I'm dying for a GM Alma. Can't decide on the color. So I'm excited to see what colors will come out for spring/summer 2011.
  8. I remember reading somewhere on tpf about a navy blue and chocolate brown. No one from LV has confirmed or denied this :P
  9. ^^^ Ooooh really... choc brown sounds delicious :drool:
  10. i wish LV would do a black vernis already ! i love the epi electric but the silver hw is putting me off...
  11. In addition to the navy and chocolate I think I read that there was an ivory or cream color.
  12. I've also read here that there's going to be a yellow green type of vernis colour coming out soon. I really hope they'll come out with really interrestubg colours maybe jewel tones like emeald, sapphire, etc
  13. ^I would love jewel tones!
  14. Omg. I would loooooooooove an emerald green vernis bag. :biggrin:
  15. I want pink vernis! I missed pop rose and framboise lol.