Upcoming Trunk Show

  1. I read about the May 16th trunk show at BalNY in another thread. Do you have to get an invite to attend or can anyone go and just RSVP if you know about it?

    Who is planning on being there? :graucho:
  2. I dont know how the invite thing works. Is the email I received considered and invite? I can't go, so I could forward it to you! It doesn't have my name on it.
  3. I'm gonna be there!!!

    I think you should RSVP. I put in my name today (you'll have to ask your normal SA to put you on his/her list and they will give you a call about the details).
  4. for those who are going.. keep an eye out for step! and report back to us! thankss
  5. Ill be in Ny at that time and I would :heart: to go..
    Ive never baught a BBag at BalNY so can I still go..
    This would be so cool..
  6. I just spoke to Kim and she said that they were only able to send the e-mail invites out to people in the A-D category (I wonder if that is by last name?) before the phones started ringing off the hook. Anyway, she put me down on the list for the trunk show, so I plan on being there after work!
  7. OMG there are so many of us that are going to be there. :nuts: Shasta had a good idea: We should all wear name tags hehehe. :p I am going to be there with my camera no matter what.:yahoo:
  8. OMG yes, go Nanaz! Dying to see the Magenta, Violet and Juane :tender:
  9. omg, DH just offered to take a week off from work that week for a mini vacation to NY, so i can do the two things i'm always talking about... going for a long run at central park and shopping IN PERSON at balenciaga store. yay~ my sis lived there for years and i visited NY quite a few times, but i never got to do those two things. :p
    but i'm not sure if i'd rather have that vacation money to just order more bags instead. maybe that's better, since i'll only come back sad and empty handed, because it's only a trunk show and you can't bring the yummies home with you that day... hehehe. i think i'll call tomorrow when they open, and rsvp anyway, though. if i do go, i'll definitely have to stop by some sort of spies r us store and pick up one of those 007 pen cameras or something! :biggrin:
  10. My last name starts w/ the letter M and I was invited so what does A-D category? MY DH said it stands for "A DIvorce" for spending too much $$$! He's just kiddin'.
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. Im half the world away. Please post pics and updates! :balloon:
  13. For those who can make it the Trunk Show will take place on the 16th of May from 16:00 - 19:00.
    From what Kim at BalNY says you don't need an invite and can just show up. You lucky NYers!! ;)
    Make us proud and utilize your wonderful spy talents and most of all HAVE A GREAT TIME!! :party: